French President Emmanuel Macron calls for a “single global order” (and other stories)

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The corporations continue to fall like dominos, making their fealty to the LGBT movement increasingly overt: “British Airways changes dress code to allow male pilots and cabin crew to wear makeup, nail varnish, piercings.”


The mainstream media, too, spends much of its time engaged in an attempt to normalize the abnormal. Like this recent column by a woman in the Metro titled “I was scared to get my first smear test after coming out as a trans man.” The opening paragraph:

Attendance for cervical smear tests is on the decline again. Fewer people are booking the appointments they’re advised to attend every three to five years. I say ‘people’, because not everyone with a cervix is a woman, and not everyone who’s a woman has a cervix.

Yeah, that’s nonsense. It’s also the current reigning belief of the regime.


This is a very fascinating report with fantastic photographs: “New Inscriptions in Roman City in Israel Shed Personal Light on Early Christians.”


TikTok—one of the most poisonous social media apps in existence—also just happens to be a Chinese-owned company accruing massive amounts of personal information for the purposes of the Communist state. As Geoffrey Cain put it in an essay at Common Sense titled “How China Got Our Kids Hooked on ‘Digital Fentanyl’”:

TikTok has developed one of the most powerful machine-learning algorithms ever—one that is able to reveal people’s unknown desires to themselves. Every day, every hour, every waking minute, TikTok is hoovering up seemingly infinite bits of information about its users—their tastes, hobbies, political views, sexual preferences, their facial structure, the sound of their voice. Ostensibly, all this is meant to provide a better product. It should also be noted that this information can be used for spying, influencing millions of users—even waging war. Every time we swipe for the next video, every time we post videos of our own, we are helping the world’s most sophisticated police state learn more about us. 

Cain’s conclusion is increasingly becoming the only reasonable one: the U.S. must ban TikTok for national security purposes. The mental health of a generation of digital crackheads would be a significant side benefit.


French President Emmanuel Macron calls for a “single global order” to deal with the ongoing cold war between China and the United States. Expect to see this sort of language escalate in the years ahead, especially regarding climate change.


At an international level, it is difficult to argue that the West isn’t primarily a force for evil, engaging in cultural colonialism with foreign aid as a carrot and stick. Consider the latest report from C-Fam, titled “Developing Countries Thwart Sexual Left at UN Negotiation”:

In the UN social policy committee this week, traditional countries blocked an effort to undermine parents’ ability to monitor and restrict children’s access to information about homosexuality, transgender issues, and abortion.

Mexico was forced to remove any mention of a report of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child from a resolution on bullying. Delegations from traditional countries complained that the report promoted a right of children to access information about sexuality, including homosexuality and transgender issues, without parental consent.

“We strongly disagree with the suggestions in the work of certain UN entities that children should have unrestricted access to certain types of information related to reproduction and sexuality,” said the delegate of Nigeria after the resolution on bullying was adopted on Tuesday. “Such assertions have no basis in international law or international consensus,” he emphasized.

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