UK woman threatened with arrest for alleged ‘hate crime’ after speaking at rally against transgenderism

By Jonathon Van Maren

After being embarrassed in the press and in the courts, you would think that the UK police would be more cautious in their persecution of those who oppose gender ideology. The decision of some top cops to turn police forces into the uniformed vanguard of the transgender movement has already radicalized many ordinary people—including Harry Miller, a docker who has foregone retirement to fight the corruption of the police by the trans movement (I recently interviewed Miller for my podcast). 

But despite the hairline cracks growing in the gender consensus—with hundreds of parents lining up to sue the Tavistock clinic and the National Health Service backpedaling on transgender recommendations that were dogma just minutes ago—the police just don’t seem to learn. This time, it is the Sussex Police, and their target is Kellie-Jay Keen, a mother of four better known as Posie Parker, who founded Standing For Women and has been publicly opposing gender ideology for years and has herself been the target of attacks by trans activists. 

A couple of months ago, Keen spoke at a rally that faced attack by trans activists—a scenario that is increasingly common in both the UK and elsewhere. The Sussex Police phoned her recently to inform her that she was under investigation for a hate crime because of “words or behavior to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.” Keen, fortunately, recorded the telephone call, in which the police demanded that she attend a “voluntary interview,” presumably to determine her guilt: 

SP: I am just calling you today, it’s about something that happened back in September. I believe you came to Brighton is September for a protest. 

KJK: Yes, well a rally, but yes. 

SP: Somebody has made an allegation against you about a hate crime. We do need to speak to you about that matter as part of our investigation. We do need to do is get you to come down to Brighton ideally so we can have a voluntary interview. 

KJK: When you say hate crimes, specifically what hate crime would it be? I think to be a hate crime, there has to be a crime. So what is the hate attached to? 


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