American Girl takes wokeness to a new level with ‘gender transition’ book for 3-12 year-olds

By Jonathon Van Maren

One of the particularly dispiriting aspects of the LGBT movement’s cultural triumph has been watching them successfully colonize beloved children’s franchises, many of which feature prominently in childhood memories of parents who looked forward to introducing these stories and characters to their own children. I’ve tried to keep careful track of these developments for precisely that reason—parents who loved Peppa Pig, Scooby-Doo, Arthur, and other children’s stories need to know that these franchises have been co-opted by the LGBT movement to sell their ideology to children.  

As I noted earlier this year, the LGBT activists have recently come for American Girl. American Girl was founded in 1986. Initially a line of historical dolls, they were released with a series of novels on each of the girls from different periods in American history. Both the books and the dolls became explosively popular in short order, especially in the 1990s. My younger sister saved up for over half a year to buy one, and the books—which are very well-written historical novels and a great way to introduce different eras to children—made a regular appearance. We have many of them in our home library now, and my five-year-old daughter is currently obsessed with Samantha, a little girl from the early 1900s. 

Now, of course, American Girl has introduced LGBT characters into one storyline, and fuelled much online speculation that one of the characters is a lesbian (this sort of retroactive rewriting has been common—see Jo March of Little Women, etc.) But a recent development is far, far more disturbing. To the horror of many parents, a new book released under the American Girl brand titled A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image gives advice to children as young as three years old on changing their gender. The book is targeted to girls between the ages of three and 12, and was authored by resident American Girl author Mel Hammond. It is for sale on both the American Girl websites and in bookstores nationwide. 


One thought on “American Girl takes wokeness to a new level with ‘gender transition’ book for 3-12 year-olds

  1. Ann King says:

    I have purchased a Bitty Baby, Like Me dolls and matching clothes for all 8 of my granddaughters and a Bitty Baby for my last granddaughter and have purchased Accessories for many of the dolls. I was planning on getting a like me doll for my youngest granddaughter but if this is the way the company wants to go I will know longer be purchasing anything from them. Why can’t we let little I girls and boys play with dolls and forget all the stupid politics. As a Christian grandmother I will not
    Spend a penny of my money with a company that wants to target young children 3-12 with this. I will also make sure all my friends and family know that American Girl has decided to push this leftest garbage.

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