Ottawa city councillor claims that “homophobia and transphobia” have been “horrendous” since Freedom Convoy

By Jonathon Van Maren

The Ottawa City Council unanimously passed a motion put forward by Councillor Ariel Troster to condemn “LGBTQ+ hate” on Wednesday. Troster, who states on her website that she “has been involved in in LGBTQ+ activism for more than 20 years,” alleges that since the Freedom Convoy came to the capital, “homophobic and anti-trans hate is on the rise in Ottawa. I saw it directed at me when I was campaigning…ever since the convoy came to Ottawa, I have never seen such horrendous hate directed at all sorts of people in public but specifically homophobia and transphobia.” 

Troster then stated that the LGBT community could not “be bullied into silence by the vocal minority,” and the mentioned the recent shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado—but didn’t mention that the shooter identifies as non-binary. Even worse, Troster said, is protests of “a family-friendly drag queen story hour” in Ottawa and other expressions of disagreement with the LGBT agenda. “Our communities really need to see our elected officials stand up against rising hatred and commit to taking action,” she said. 

The layers of delusion here are extraordinary. The idea that the Freedom Convoy—which I covered in person—had anything at all to do with LGBT issues is genuinely laughable. The convoy was about protesting vaccine mandates and discriminatory government policies, and it is strange that Troster appears to want to make it about something else. Perhaps she believes that because she identifies as LGBT, merely disagreeing with her on vaccination is, in fact, homophobia. 


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