Medical professionals are being trained to help kids keep ‘gender identity’ secrets from parents

By Jonathon Van Maren

The transgender movement’s total takeover of institutions in under a decade has created a decisive split between how different generations see gender. Most parents were not indoctrinated in the tenets of transgender ideology when they went to school; their children, however, face the subject everywhere. Parents are often stunned and horrified to find out that their sons and daughters have been taught that gender is fluid or that their children are attempting to embark on sex changes, facilitated by teachers, counsellors, and medical professionals. 

Indeed, trans activists are doing everything they can to simply cut parents out of the picture entirely to ensure no opposition to gender or sexual experimentation. As I reported recently in this space, school staff and students are often expressly forbidden from telling parents if their son or daughter has decided to begin identifying as the opposite sex in school. Trans ideologues are introducing children to these subjects, encouraging experimentation, and then saying: You don’t need to tell your parents about this. We can just keep this between the two of us 

Another recent example exposed by the activist who goes by the Twitter handle Libs of TikTok is a training video from the Medical University of South Carolina that specifically details how to cut parents out of the process or keep them in the dark. 


In the video, a doctor is speaking to a young teen. “I want to ask you a question,” he says. “I’m asking all of my teenage patients this. I had your mother step out of the room because what we discuss here is confidential and private. But as your parent, she is able to look at your medical record—whatever we put on there. So what we discuss here, we can just talk about it, and there are certain parts that if you just want me to make a note for myself then I will make that note, but otherwise if it is in your record and if they ask for it they will have access to that.” 


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