Transing Hollywood: Drew Barrymore kneels to Dylan Mulvaney

By Jonathon Van Maren

The transgender movement won Hollywood years ago — in fact, it was celebrities that first mainstreamed gender ideology to begin with.

Laverne Cox, an actor from Orange is the New Black, was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine in 2014 for an article titled “The Transgender Tipping Point”; Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner took the trans movement to the next level the following year by appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair with his new breasts and a bodice and the title “Call Me Caitlyn.” 

But no media moment has symbolized the entertainment industry’s commitment to the transgender movement like actress and TV show host Drew Barrymore literally kneeling on the carpet in front of trans activist Dylan Mulvaney on Monday. Woke feminism in 2023, it seems, has come full circle — screenshots of Barrymore on her knees in front of Mulvaney look like something out of a cringeworthy misogynist 1950s advertisement. 

Dylan Mulvaney is a TikTok star who gained an audience as a peppy gay man making videos; when he began identifying as a woman, his stardom exploded. He interviewed President Joe Biden in October and went viral for asking Biden what he thought about states banning sex change surgeries; Biden responded that he thought it was morally wrong. Mulvaney now specializes in videos talking about his new experiences as a “girl,” wearing makeup, female clothing, and going hiking in heels. Matt Walsh has gone viral for critiquing Mulvaney’s performance as a grotesque caricature of womanhood. 

In one video, Mulvaney called for America to “normalize” the idea of women with penises. “Normalize the bulge,” he said. “We are normalizing the bulge. Women can have bulges and that’s OK, we’re not going to stare at their crotches while they’re wearing their little shopping shorts.” That is the sort of content that landed Mulvaney an interview with the president of the United States — and it is the reason that Mulvaney, a “transgender” star, is being fawned over by Hollywood. 


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