Trans activists mob and attack female speaker Posie Parker in New Zealand

By Jonathon Van Maren

On March 25, 2023, a mob of transgender activists attacked Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull — better known as Posie Parker — in Auckland, New Zealand.  

Parker is a British feminist and a campaigner who opposes biological men in women’s spaces as well as sex changes for minors. She was in New Zealand at the invitation of Let Women Speak NZ; LGBT groups had lobbied authorities to bar her from the country, and although the high court ruled that she was permitted to enter, immigration minister Michael Wood stated that he “would prefer it if [she] never set foot in New Zealand … I find many of her views repugnant.” 

Trans activists shared Wood’s sentiment. A massive mob of angry protesters converged on Parker’s event in Albert Park. Before she could even speak, they broke through the barricades, attacked Parker and her security team, and doused them with tomato juice, screaming all the while. When it became clear that the police presence was not powerful enough to stop the mob, Parker and her team decided to cancel the event and leave for their own safety. Surreal video footage streamed to Twitter showed a wide-eyed Parker, her face seized in panic, at the center of a surging mob while her heroic team encircled her to hold off the trans activists as they grabbed and shoved: 

As many noted on Twitter, it looks like trans activists were trying to kill her: 

Reduxx, an independent news site that reports on the transgender movement, has collected other footage from the riot that can be viewed here. Parker headed for the airport — another 1,000 trans activists showed up at the location of her Wellington event Sunday, even though she’d already left New Zealand. “For wanting to make space for women to speak I genuinely feared for my life today,” Parker wrote on Twitter. “My activism is simple, we #LetWomenSpeak. Why does that make anyone so angry?  We showed the world what happens to women when they try to speak. No one can pretend they don’t see the salivating misogyny.” 

She wasn’t exaggerating. On social media, trans activists rejoiced in their victory. “It gets me off watching the fear in Posie Parkers eyes,” one posted in a quote-tweet of Parker getting mobbed. “I got turned on today watching the fear in Posie Parkers eyes. She actually was fearing for her life.”  


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