Australian soccer league offers parents ‘training’ to accept ‘transgender’ men in daughters’ sports

By Jonathon Van Maren

Female athletes in Australia are being repeatedly injured due to biological males being permitted on their teams. Some reports — as of yet unconfirmed — indicate that at least one player was hospitalized for her injuries. This, understandably, has brought about a backlash from angry parents as well as players who are pointing out that this is not only unfair, but dangerous. The response of Football Australia, is to offer them re-education training in order to help them understand the “lived experience” of players identifying as transgender. From the Daily Mail: 

Angry parents fed-up with a trans woman’s domination of a female soccer league will be offered training to help them better understand trans issues. Football Australia announced its ‘High Performance Inclusion Policy’ after Daily Mail Australia revealed parents were campaigning for the New South Wales competition to ban transgender women from female soccer teams. A trans woman, who Daily Mail Australia has chosen not to identify, has led Football NSW’s League One Women’s 1st Grade goal kickers table, with seven goals.

Football Australia’s press release announced that re-education will be a priority in order to make soccer “the most multicultural, diverse, and inclusive sport in Australia” and to provide training that will “provide the Australian Football community with a greater understanding of the lived experience of LGBTQI+ communities and their participation in sport.” Football Australia also recommitted to permitting players — including biological males “to participate in the competition which best represents their gender identity.” According to the Mail, at least five men are currently playing on female sports teams in the league across New South Wales. 

Thousands of angry emails have been sent in protest, but thus far Football Australia appears determined to prioritize the delusions of men over the safety of women, and to offer those who disagree the same indoctrination to which they have succumbed. 


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