Welcome to transgender clown world

Every month, we are treated to dozens of news stories that highlight the breaking down of biological boundaries. These stories highlight the fact that our society has descended into farce – although with results that are as sinister as they are ridiculous. It is important that we do not grow accustomed to them – that we do not lose sight of what reality actually is, and what these stories actually represent.  

The slogan “transgender women are women!” is screamed a thousand times a day from every platform, but let’s review just a few recent stories to see the sort of clown world we’ve created based on that premise. 

Reduxx, a feminist outlet consistently reporting on the takeover of women’s spaces by trans-identifying men, noted on October 27 that “Multiple female athletes dropped out of a women’s martial arts tournament last week after being matched up to fight trans-identified males. In one of the women’s divisions, the only participants left competing were men.” That’s right – in a division of women’s sports, the only remaining competitors were men. 

It isn’t just sports like MMA, where women face the real risk of being badly injured by their trans-identifying male opponents. Alexandra Cunha, the fifth-ranking female international pool player and captain of the Portuguese women’s national pool team, recently pulled out of the International Rules Pool Tour when it was decided that men could compete in the women’s league, telling organizers that: “As we live in a free world and I will stand up for what I believe is fair, I will not play against any player that wasn’t born a woman independently of being a first round or a final.” 

An October 15 story from The Blaze covered similar stupidity. A rally of 50 LGBT activist students at South Carolina’s Clemson University marched to demand more protections for “transgender, gender non-conforming students, and the wider LGBTQIA+ community” carrying signs reading “Gay Liberation,” “Trans Revolution,” and similar slogans (including, as usual, the Communist hammer and sickle – but with a rainbow twist). Their demand? That “the school’s Republican club suffer repercussions for opposing feminine hygiene products in men’s bathrooms on campus.” They wanted tampons in the male bathrooms, and immediately. 

These were, it is important to note, adult people on a university campus. 


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