Conservatives are being gaslit. Trans activists are transforming society.

By Jonathon Van Maren

Like every other writer who reports on the transgender movement’s ongoing revolution, I am regularly accused of being “obsessed” with a movement that “isn’t hurting anyone.”  

As I’ve pointed out before, this is a key gaslighting tactic utilized by the LGBT movement. They attempt to transform every aspect of society, implement compelled speech (“preferred pronouns”); insist that their ideology be taught in state schools; advocate for laws that would see children taken away from “non-affirming” parents; demand that their flags be flown from public flagpoles; and call for sex change surgeries for children — and then claim that we are somehow the ones causing all the fuss for responding to these things. 

But because this accusation is a common one — even among “common sense” conservatives who see so-called “culture war issues” as beneath them — it is worth responding to again. Let me highlight my point by sharing just a few recent news stories — there are so many that it is impossible to cover them all individually. But this will give you a sense of how relentless the transgender movement is pushing to redefine society, and how deceitful it is to accuse those of us writing about it of being paranoid for consistently pointing that out. 

Dylan Mulvaney, the “transgender” influencer who recently destroyed the Bud Light brand and interviewed President Joe Biden on trans issues, stated that he believes it should be illegal for people to identify him as a man. If you think that this isn’t a real threat, consider the fact that men and women in the United Kingdom have been arrested for “misgendering,” jailed, and fined. 

Speaking of Mulvaney, a “transgender” state lawmaker in Minnesota recently introduced a measure would excise language from the state’s Human Rights Act that explicitly excludes pedophiles from not being a protected class based on “sexual orientation.”  

Another lawmaker identifying as transgender, Montana state Rep. Zooey Zephyr, has just been banned from the House floor for the entirely of the 2023 session for claiming that banning sex changes for children meant that legislators acting in defence of children would have “blood on their hands.” He insists that he is merely standing up for the LGBT community and “democracy itself.” (Mainstream press reports all refer to Zephyr as a “she.”) 


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