LGBT activist harasses 12-year-old boy

By Jonathon Van Maren

It is easy to cherry-pick the worst behavior of the ideological group you disagree with and highlight it as evidence that the fringes represent the whole. That, unfortunately, is not the case with a video that recently went viral showing an adult woman harassing a 12-year-old boy at a Canadian protest wearing a “Save Canada” ballcap. He stands there awkwardly smiling and shifting uncomfortably as an—again, adult—woman dumps glitter over his head while smiling the smile of someone who recognizes her power: 

When she is approached by a police officer who warns her that if she harasses the child again she will be arrested, she brazenly insists that she “isn’t assaulting anyone” and is doing nothing wrong. This is progressive entitlement on full display.  

Dumping things on the head of a child who you disagree with isn’t assault and isn’t wrong, you see—because she is entitled to harass and assault those she disagrees with, because she is right and they are wrong. Her smirk says it all. If this were a social conservative harassing a progressive—or worse, a trans activist—it would be all over the front pages and the prime minister would have condemned it by now.

I’ve seen progressive protestors in action more time than I can count, and entitlement is a fundamental characteristic of their behavior. I’ve seen swarms of protestors physically blocking a university door in order to prevent a speaker from getting to his audience, screaming at and even shoving police when they intervene or attempt de-escalation.  

I’ve had my own presentations interrupted by shouting, pot-banging protestors who felt that those attending the speech (one of them in a private, prescheduled room) had no right to hear what they had chosen to hear. At one presentation, topless protestors showed up and attacked one of our vehicles. At another event, they physically barricaded the parking lot so attendees couldn’t park.  


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