Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are out of step with the world on transgenderism

By Jonathon Van Maren

On June 8, President Joe Biden attacked state-level laws passed to protect children from puberty blockers and sex-change surgeries as “cruel and callous.” The comments came during a press conference with U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Sunak remained admirably straight-faced — the U.K. National Health Service has recently condemned “transitioning” children. A few days later, Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged a question on the administration’s view of the U.K.’s move.

Biden very well may not have been aware of this fact, but the NHS’s move was yet another indication that the extremism of Biden and the Democrats on this issue increasingly set them apart from global counterparts. As The Wall Street Journal reported on June 19 in a report titled “U.S. Becomes Transgender-Care Outlier as More in Europe Urge Caution”:

The U.S. is becoming an outlier among many Western nations in the way its national medical institutions treat children suffering from distress over gender identity.

For years, the American healthcare industry has staunchly defended medical interventions for transgender minors, including puberty blockers, which suppress the physical changes of adolescence as a treatment for those distressed over their gender.

The European medical community, by contrast, is expressing doubts about that approach. Having allowed these treatments for years, five countries — the U.K., Sweden, Finland, Norway and France — now urge caution in their use for minors, stressing a lack of evidence that the benefits outweigh the risks. This month, the U.K.’s publicly funded National Health Service limited the use of puberty blockers to clinical trials, putting the drugs beyond the reach of most children.

In order to believe Biden’s claim that those passing laws premised on the same conclusions as these countries are “hysterical” and “prejudiced people” who are “appeal[ing] to fear” in order to pass policies that are “unjustified and ugly,” you have to believe that countries like Sweden and France are engaged in an all-out war on LGBT people. But in the United States — and neighboring Canada — only one narrative is permitted: Sex changes for children are a human right and anyone who opposes these drugs and surgeries on medical grounds are merely hiding their bigotry behind pseudo-scientific rationales.

The chasm between the overheated rhetoric of politicians like Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau on this issue and their international counterparts is noted — as is the fact that leaders like Sunak appear content to simply ignore Biden’s blathering. What is interesting about Biden and Trudeau is that they appear to be true believers — while most politicians do not, in fact, actually believe that women can have penises and that men can get pregnant but are merely LARPing as “allies” for the cameras, the rage that these two alleged Catholics work up whenever they address the issue indicates that they are truly passionate about providing sex changes to gender dysphoric kids.


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