A man won the “Miss Netherlands” beauty pageant

By Jonathon Van Maren

A biological man going by the name of Rikkie Valerie Kolle won the title of “Miss Netherlands” on Sunday in yet another instance of our cultural elites deciding that men can, in fact, be better women than women themselves. The 22-year-old will now go on to the “Miss Universe” beauty pageant in El Salvador where we will see if the judges decide whether Kolle is, in fact, a more beautiful woman than the actual women in the contest. 

Of course, everyone knows why Kolle won this contest. It is not because of his looks. Anyone with eyes can tell that Kolle is not, in fact, a woman—much less a beautiful woman. The judges made a decision that was sure to make headlines around the world, accrue skads of accolades from LGBT activist groups, and allow them to transform a rather scummy event in which women are objectified and sexualized into a civil rights movement for “transgender women.”  

I would be happy if beauty pageants didn’t exist, and I would find it ironically amusing—but still amusing—if men posing as women ended up killing these competitions entirely. This is an instance in which I would be happy if everyone lost, and if the collateral damage of gender ideology ended up killing off these degrading displays everyone would be better off. But despite that, there is still cultural significance to a man beating women at their own game. It is, as Rod Dreher noted on Twitter, “Affirmative action for penis-havers.” 

Far more serious is the injection of males into female-only spaces, as I’ve documented in this space many times before. A recent example that, a decade ago, would have provoked a loud and angry public backlash, highlights this. As one father wrote recently: 

On April 27, 2023, my sixteen-year-old daughter, a member of the YMCA SPY Swim Team, entered the girl’s locker to change out of her swimsuit and noticed a couple transgender individuals sitting in the locker room. My daughter went back out on the pool deck and informed the head swim coach, Alex Totura, of the situation and he responded to her by stating, “There’s nothing I can do about it.”  

On May 10, 2023, the SPY Swim Team held their monthly parent meeting where the issue of girls’ locker room use by biological males was brought up. The meeting was attended by Angie Sowle, Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA. The parents were told there’s nothing that can be done about it.  

Parents asked if the YMCA could ask the transgender members to use the Family Changing Area (private bathrooms with toilet, sink shower and changing area) instead of the girl’s locker room. The YMCA staff said they could not do that because it is discrimination and against the law.  

Parents asked if the YMCA could send out a notification to swim team members that transgender people were using the girl’s locker room so that member could make informed decisions for their family. Again, the YMCA staff said that they could not do that because it is discrimination and against the law. 

Eventually, the girl in question was ejected from the swim team for protesting, with the authorities accusing her of “hate speech” simply for wanting a place to get dressed away from the male gaze. It is true that girls who are upset by this can simply opt out of using what have become de facto unisex. It is also true that the number of public spaces in which girls and women can have the expectation of privacy and safety shrinks as a result. It is bewildering to me that the backlash we are seeing is not far more pronounced, and it is evidence that an enormous number of fathers are failing in their paternal duties to their daughters. 

The reality is that things have to get worse before they can get better. The LGBT movement has so successfully weaponized the language of human and civil rights that most will not speak out until the consequences of implementing their ideology on a policy level becomes crystal clear—and those consequences will mean human collateral damage. Most of us don’t care about a few models losing out to a man in a beauty contest. We should care that girls no longer have the expectation of privacy in what were once their own locker rooms. 


One thought on “A man won the “Miss Netherlands” beauty pageant

  1. Navi says:

    I feel so bad for the women that lost to this guy. Imagine the distress being told that a man is more beautiful than them. They could can tell themselves that he won only because the judges wanted to virtue-signal with an affirmative action decision, which would be absolutely true, but the thought would always linger.

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