Gender-confused man says he wants to be ‘first trans woman to have an abortion’

By Jonathon Van Maren

The sinister filmmaker John Waters, known for his transgressive cult films, once encapsulated the centrality of abortion to progressivism in a single quote. “Sometimes I wish I was a woman,” he said, “just so I could have an abortion.” 

This sort of nakedly pro-abortion sentiment is not as rare as some readers might assume. As a pro-life activist, I’ve heard flippant feminists and angry abortion supporters say plenty of times that they’d dedicate their “next abortion” to pro-lifers for having the audacity to speak out for the pre-born.  

In our progressive era, abortion is seen, in many ways, as central to the feminist identity—and thus central to what it means to be a post-modern woman, liberated from the constraints of family, children, and nature itself. Many feminist thinkers—most notably Gloria Steinem—have referred to their abortions as pivotal moments in their liberation and thus identity, a sort of perverse baptism of blood. 

Thus, it should not be surprising that a man identifying as a woman might not only want to get pregnant—and already medical researchers are attempting to pioneer procedures in which wombs might be transplanted into biological men, with the obvious eventual (albeit probably unreachable) goal of eventually facilitating male pregnancy—but to have an abortion. (Yes, I am aware of how insane that sentence is. That is where we are.) 

Libs of TikTok recently posted another disturbing video of a man who is unconvincingly posing as a woman fantasizing about what it might be like to be able to get pregnant—and then to kill the pre-born child through abortion in a bizarre and murderous feminist fantasy. 

“I want to be the first trans woman to have a successful uterus transplant, ovaries and eggs included, and I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion,” he says, backed by a “Progress” flag and sporting pink star sunglasses. “I will let a doctor who has successfully transplanted a uterine complex before cut the organs out of a willing, healthy, trans-masculine donor, place them in my body; I will devote myself, heart and soul, to their after-care; I will have as much gay sex as it takes with as many trans women as it takes, and let the transphobes and homophobes scratch their heads wondering what to make of it—and I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion.” 


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