‘Birthing parents’: Harry’s Razors snubs mothers, fathers in the name of gender ideology

There’s always something morbidly fascinating about watching people who are apparently completely healthy and sane succumb entirely to what Bill Maher calls the woke mind virus.

This viral video is a good example of that: 

Most of us only heard about the American company Harry’s Razors when they pulled their advertising from The Daily Wire and Jeremy Boering, the Daily Wire’s co-CEO, decided to launch a competing outfit, Jeremy’s Razors. Competition, as it turns out, hasn’t dented the company’s commitment to alienating vast swathes of the purchasing population.  

CEO Andy Katz-Mayfield bragged about the parental leave policy offered by Harry’s Razors, and astute viewers noted that he never mentioned either mothers or fathers. “[The policy] treats birthing and non-birthing parents equally,” he boasted. “We also, as a company, have always tried to be sort of socially minded and not just be about bottom-line profits.” Katz-Mayfield received enthusiastic applause while co-founder Jeff Raider listens along with apparent approval.  

For those of you who aren’t keeping up, a “birthing parent” refers to a mother, but because there are now women who identify as men but are still capable of giving birth, “socially minded” victims of the woke mind virus have had to find new phraseology. Similarly, “non-birthing parent” refers to fathers, but because there are men who identify as women but cannot get pregnant or give birth, these men are referred to as “non-birthing parents.” In summary, the gender confusion of people who identify as transgender has, for folks like Katz-Mayfield and his colleagues at Harry’s Razors, eliminated terms like “mother” and “father.” 


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