Canada’s abortion debate is pathetic–because of both major parties

For pro-lifers in Canada, one of the most frustrating aspects of our political debate is that on the issue of abortion, there is none.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party and the other leftist parties are 100 percent pro-abortion and support the status quo, which is no restrictions on feticide throughout all nine months of pregnancy, with even gruesome late-term abortions supported by the government and funded by the taxpayer. The Conservative Party of Canada formally supports this status quo as well, with some notable dissenting MPs who are willing to consistently and courageously speak out. 

Thus, despite the fact that there is almost no formal opposition to Canada’s radical abortion regime – the most permissive of any democracy – Trudeau’s Liberals must consistently lie to the Canadian public in an attempt to divide the Conservative base. Liberals accuse Conservatives of being secretly pro-life; Conservative leaders swear up and down that they will never, ever do anything to prohibit a single abortion; the press obediently notes that the abortion issue is once again a hot political topic. It’s a political game played with fetal corpses. 

Exhibit A is the Liberal response to MP Cathay Wagantall’s Violence Against Pregnant Women Act (Bill C-311), which would mandate higher sentences to violent offenders who attack pregnant women. The bill was carefully crafted to avoid addressing abortion, and only the most passionate abortion activists could object to it – which is why Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada hastened to oppose it.  

Arthur announced that since the Conservative caucus voted for the common-sense bill, there were obviously no pro-choice MPs. “[The bill] is basically singling out pregnant people for special protection,” she told the Guardian. According to Arthur, this is problematic because Wagantall is pro-life. The bill, Arthur said, was a “thinly veiled attempt to encroach on Canada’s longstanding view that fetuses do not have personhood status.” To summarize: A bill that specifically does not address abortion is called “pro-life” because Canada’s most radical abortion activist has a problem with “singling out pregnant people for special protection.” 


One thought on “Canada’s abortion debate is pathetic–because of both major parties

  1. Navi says:

    Two things:

    1. The Guardian is even more biased than the Canadian media (which, pro-abortion studies have shown, are even more biased than the US media). They’ll regurgitate the most ridiculous press release from a single-member pro-abortion lobby group as though they’re some kind of nonpartisan experts rather than a single disturbed person suffering from post-abortion syndrome.

    2. If we take Joyce ‘let no fetus defeat us’ Arthur at face value, everyone that supports even the mildest limits on abortion or opposes violence against pregnant women is “anti-choice”. That would include virtually all Canadians that aren’t liberal MPs or members of ARCC’s mailing list.

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