A Swiss writer has been jailed for calling a journalist a “fat lesbian” (& other stories)

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Over at The Daily Wire, Megan Basham has an interesting report: “Christianity Today Staff Made Extensive Campaign Donations Between 2015 And 2022…All Went To Democrats.” This tells us a lot about CT’s trajectory—and explains why CT has featured virtually no coverage of the debate over bans on transgender surgeries for minors and other key social issues—because high-ranking staff members were donating to candidates who support abortion and the LGBT movement. (For full disclosure, I’ve had an essay published in CT.)


The New York Post has a story that once again highlights the transformation of the judiciary into an enforcement mechanism for LGBT ideology: “Swiss writer who called journalist ‘fat lesbian’ sentenced to 60 days in prison.” Considering the fact that “lesbian” is not an epithet, it appears that the writer—who is undoubtedly a controversial figure—has been jailed for the crime of calling her “fat,” which while rude, hardly seems to warrant jailtime.


Louise Perry has a reflection on the pro-Hamas rallies that erupted across the West in the wake of the terrorist invasion of Israel: “Why, this is history. Nor are we out of it.” An excerpt:

These demonstrations have been met with shock and bewilderment by the progressive commentators who, just last week, were condemning the Home Secretary Suella Braverman for describing multiculturalism as a “failed” experiment.

They cannot understand what’s really going on here because of an important feature of contemporary progressive politics that I want to call ‘progressive exceptionalism.’ The model of history they embrace – I say this as a former progressive, I went to SOAS! – inserts a sharp break during the 1960s, after which people have become steadily more enlightened and sensitive to the badness and wrongness of their ancestors. So while other people are silly enough to believe that men and women are biological categories, we don’t think in such simplistic terms. While other people are silly enough to show loyalty to their own nation or ethnic group, we’ve moved beyond that. Modern people are completely unlike people of the past. It’s [current year], after all!

Progressive exceptionalism is a consequence of affluence and technology, plus a long period of peace, and some quirks in European intellectual history that are downstream from Christianity. Members of the laptop class can quite easily pretend that biological sex doesn’t matter because non-manual work and contraception give them the impression day-to-day that it doesn’t. And they can smile weakly at the anti-white statements coming out of academia and other progressive institutions because, well, it’s not serious, is it? When writers at the Huffington Post or the New York Times or Mother Jones appear to call for racial violence, people who have only ever lived under the Pax Americana can write off such statements as a kind of performance art.

Please do read the whole thing.


A worrisome analysis of Poland’s leftward shift amongst the young—similar to Ireland and Spain—from Ed West: “Farewell, Based Poland.”


On that subject, VOA has a piece on the rise of the “nones”: “America’s Nonreligious are a Growing, Diverse Phenomenon.


More soon.

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