Court Jesters of the Sexual Revolution

With the release of new comedy specials by Dave Chapelle and Ricky Gervais, we have been treated once again to several rounds of commentary complaining that their jokes about transgenderism are unacceptable and “punching down.” The backlash felt tired this time, since Chapelle and Gervais have proven uncancellable. We’ve all seen this show before. The idea that making jokes about one of the most powerful movements in the world is “punching down” is genuinely laughable.

What is more interesting is that Chapelle and Gervais are being treated as traitors to their class. In comedy of the 2020s it is fine to be transgressive, so long as you transgress in one direction: that of mocking morality, Christianity, and any remaining social boundaries. For the rest, the bulk of the comedian class serves as court jesters for the sexual revolution, targeting anyone who dares question its dogmas and, revealingly, scorning the very idea of virtue as impossible.

Consider how America’s late-night hosts deal with the issue of pornography. Jimmy Fallon spent an entire segment mocking Oklahoma state senator Dusty Deevers, who recently put forward legislation banning pornography and sexting. To uncomfortable laughter, Fallon read out fake sexts from Deevers and claimed that the Christian politician’s name sounded like a porn handle. It wasn’t funny, but the point wasn’t humor—it was to mock someone for opposing porn and for advocating public morality. Despite the growing consensus that pornography is addictive, toxic, and ruins relationships (porn is a factor in at least 56% of marriage breakdowns), opposing it is portrayed as a joke. Deevers’ response on X (formerly Twitter) was a class act:

My response to Jimmy Fallon and his writers, et al. First, I mourn the cost of enumerable people enticed into and trapped in pornography’s banquet in the grave and the fact that Jimmy Fallon serves as a waiter. Second, I long to see singlehood, marriages, families, and futures rescued from the poisonous promises of porn’s insatiable appetite for increasing deviance and destruction. Third, I know Jesus rescues sinners by His saving grace if they abhor and grieve their rebellion against Him, and turn to Christ, pursuing faith and obedience. That is my prayer for our nation and for Jimmy Fallon. Come to Jesus and live.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson got similar treatment. When it was reported that Johnson and his family use the accountability software Covenant Eyes, which monitors digital devices in order to break and prevent porn addictions, the media promptly melted down. Sarah Silverman made vile, crude jokes about the names of Johnson’s children and insisted that there was “no way this app is going to stop people from masturbating.” According to Silverman, the new Speaker “just keeps getting weirder and weirder”—not because he’s looking at porn, but because he isn’t. What does that tell you about the comedian class?

Jimmy Kimmel concurred and dedicated an entire monologue to making fun of the Speaker, ending with: “So if his son looks at porn, his dad gets an alert. And if Mike looks at porn, his son gets an alert. It is possible to be too close with your children.” Because they’re both obviously hypocrites who look at porn, get it? This is the same Kimmel who went after Colorado baker Jack Phillips, who has been persecuted by LGBT activists for years for declining to bake a gay wedding cake: “It’s funny because this is a guy who spends all day, every day, meticulously designing flowers out of icing. His whole life is gay, okay?” Kimmel went on to refer to Phillips several times as “the totally straight baker,” closing the bit with: “You would think that someone who looks like the Reba McEntire version of Colonel Sanders would be more sympathetic to gender identity issues.” According to Kimmel, opposition to  same-sex “marriage” is somehow…well, gay.


One thought on “Court Jesters of the Sexual Revolution

  1. Navi says:

    The big story to come out of last year is that none of these late night comedians even write their own jokes. They are just talking heads that say what their nameless writers tell them to. Writing and reciting woke talking points with a laugh track is so easy that even an AI can do it. Treating them as some kind of divine wisdom is incredibly bizarre.

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