Six reasons Christians should be happy about the Brexit victory

By Jonathon Van Maren

Along with many other Christians and conservatives, I am feeling quite celebratory after Great Britain voted to leave the European Union last night. As I said on Facebook, one of the loveliest things about the Brexit victory was the fact that all the right people were having a miserable night: The phony David Cameron, who ramrodded gay marriage through the British House, the Eurocrats, every major Western media organization, and left-wing activists everywhere. It was a crushing defeat, and many are warning that it could start the process of the entire European Union unraveling completely. We can only hope.

A few people have wondered why myself and so many others were rooting for the Brexit campaign. There are many reasons, but one of them is quite simple: The European Union is an organization that has been used as a tool by abortion activists and LBTQ organizers to force their agenda on member states that have no desire for such policies, spread radical anti-Christian ideologies world-wide, and restrict free speech it considers to be “phobic” in some way. Click on this link, for example, to read hundreds of such stories. I list a few below, just to give you a taste of why the potential unravelling of the European Union is something that makes this a very pleasant Friday indeed.


The European Union has actively pushed for destructive and unethical practices on developing human beings.

From LifeSiteNews on June7, 2002: “Dana Rosemary Scallon, the pro-life Member of the Eupropean Parliament from Ireland, has warned that the European Union is putting pressure on the Irish Government to support funding for destructive research on human embryos. The Irish Times reports that Dana has revealed that people at the highest level in Bertie Ahern’s government are being pushed to assist the use of EU money for experimentation with embryos.”


The European Union is constantly used as a tool by abortion activists to force abortion on nations that still restrict or ban it.

From LifeSiteNews on March 20, 2007: “The European Court of Human Rights handed down a 6 – 1 ruling today which demanded that Poland compensate a mother who claims she was refused an abortion based on discrimination due to her sex and her visual disability.”

From LifeSiteNews on June 15, 2016: “The Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner criticized Poland’s government for allegedly eroding the rule of law in a report that also called on the predominately Catholic country to institute mandatory sex education and provide unhampered access to contraception and abortion.”


The European Union pushes the rainbow agenda whenever it can, and funds a number of radical gay activist groups that work to implement their political goals across the EU, especially. I remember my Serbian tour guide complaining about it when I toured Belgrade in 2015.

From LifeSiteNews on June 21, 2016: “The 28 member states of the European Union reached a broad agreement Friday in support of ‘LGBTI equality” that will promote the homosexual activist cause across Europe, monitor LGBT rights in European countries, and “combat discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.’”

That is only one of hundreds of other examples I could provide.


This includes the relentless promotion of gay marriage.

From LifeSiteNews on January 21, 2009: “The European Union’s Intergroup on “gay rights” has demanded that all foreign aid to Nigeria be suspended after that country’s House of Representatives voted to prohibit attempts to create legal ‘gay marriage.’ The Nigerian vote was unanimous this week in favour of a bill that “prohibits marriage between persons of same gender, solemnisation of same and other matters related therewith.”

From LifeSiteNews on November 11, 2014: “Nicolás lives with his dad, Sebastián…and his other dad, Pablo. This is the premise of the pamphlet funded by the European Union that the Movement for Homosexual Liberation and Integration (MOVILH) will distribute among 500 kindergartens in Chile under the auspices of the National Preschools Council (JUNJI).”


This also includes the systematic suppression of freedom of speech.

From LifeSiteNews on January 8, 2016: “Stoking fear of a free speech clampdown, the world’s leading social media companies have agreed to combat ‘hate speech,’ including ‘homophobia,’ on their platforms in an agreement with the European Union.”


The European Union suggested that in order to fix a labor shortage, mothers who chose to stay at home with their children should get back to work.

From LifeSiteNews on June 9, 2011: “German, Austrian and Dutch mothers who want to stay at home should get back to work to solve Europe’s labor problems, an EU Commission report has said.

The European Union is facing a demographic meltdown, with nearly all of its 27 member states maintaining fertility rates well below replacement level. Abortion and contraception are legal in every state but Malta and marriage rates are steadily falling in all states. With increasing numbers of people entering retirement age and fewer young workers coming up from behind to replace them, Europe’s under-population crisis is already creating a labor shortage.

So what’s the solution? According to European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, it’s for stay-at-home mothers to leave their children in day care and get jobs.


As I said before, there are scores of other stories that could be listed here. These alone, I think, highlight why saying good riddance to the Eurocrats and their European Union was a wonderful thing for liberty, for freedom of speech, for the right to life, and for religious freedom.

9 thoughts on “Six reasons Christians should be happy about the Brexit victory

  1. Interested Reader says:

    This is an excellent synopsis from just one or two perspectives. Thank you. Have you seen other pros/cons for the brexit?

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      Certainly. This article only seeks to address the moral status of the European Union–I don’t address the economic side of things, as I don’t claim to have any in-depth knowledge on that score. I also leave the immigration question out of my synopsis. I understand there are very good points and concerns on each side of those questions.

  2. joyce says:

    Sadly most Brittish Christians that I have spoken to today don’t share your views. They are concerned by the divisiveness of the debate and the impact on the kindness and civility of society. I’m a Brit by the way

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      I understand that. There are very real economic concerns and as always in any political debate, more than enough blame to go around. The reasons I’m highlighting would not sync with the reasons the Brexit organizers highlighted. That said, the EU is a terrible organization and from a moral perspective, regardless of the intention, Brexit is a good thing.

  3. Michael says:

    Your unrelenting gay bashing does not impress me, a gay Christian. Do you suppose all the LGBTI people God created will now disappear from the UK because of Brexit? Dream on, brother. I am with you on a pro-life stand (and real help for living poor people is welcome also), but you have really got to start meeting and talking with real, live gay Christians. We are not the enemy.

    • Lisa Tillis says:

      @Michael, how does a gay “christian” reconcile those verses that say that the Kingdom of heaven will not be in your future with your own created religion? God’s Truths = bashing to those who are perishing. 1 Cor. 1:18 Go and sin no more, then the power of the Holy Spirit within will be evident, otherwise yours is not the God of Scripture. You are not the enemy but are among the lost that Jesus followers pray for. Salvation comes after repenting of your sin, a lifestyle that leads to less, not the more that you were created for. Not about being good or bad, but about being spiritually dead. When you come to life, the old man is then dead. Yours is still alive, praying for you!

    • John says:

      Michael, first off, it’s great to hear of your pro-life stance. We need more Christians to stand up and speak out on this critical issue. However, I have a big issue with your term, “Gay Christian”. There are no “gay” christians any more than there are “Straight” Christians or “Left-handed Christians” (or, for that matter, “Conservative Christians!”) There are just Christians who humbly follow Jesus and fight their sins. I hope that by using this term you mean you are someone who has homosexual urges but fights against them, just as I fight against my urges of gluttony, lust and anger. Yours in peace!

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