New York Times columnists says he can’t wait for his entire generation to die

By Jonathon Van Maren

It will not come as news to the average American that there is a sizeable segment of elitist liberals who despise them, despise tradition, despise the values America was built on, and at times even rise from their routine contempt to despise those Americans who have not kept up with the progressive blitzkrieg. All of that being said, I actually did a double take when I read Tim Kreider’s column “Go Ahead Millennials, Destroy Us” in the New York Times yesterday.

The column started off with Kreider’s understandable frustration that since Columbine, he and many other Americans have simply become numbed to school shootings. He then asserts that the cold-blooded lizards running the show are simply willing to let a few kids die in order to hang on to their power. The activism of school shooting survivors in the wake of the Parkland shooting, Kreider writes, is making him re-examine a few things—because he generally finds the activism of young people to be rather suspect:

I am creeped out by the increasing dogmatism and intolerance of millennials on the left; I felt a generational divide open up under me last year when everyone under 40 seemed to agree that Dana Schutz’s painting of Emmett Till in his coffin should be removed from the Whitney Biennial. When I was young it seemed the natural order of things that conservatives were the prudes and scolds who wanted books banned and exhibitions closed, while we liberals got to be the gadflies and iconoclasts. I know that whenever you disapprove of young people, you’re in the wrong, because you’re going to die and they’ll get to write history, but I just can’t help noticing that the liberal side isn’t much fun to be on anymore.

Which is, of course, true—progressives launched the Sexual Revolution screaming for freedom, but once they attained the new rights they were campaigning for, they promptly moved to consolidate their power and attack the freedom of those who dared to disagree with them. Kreider seems to recognize this in part—or at least he is uncomfortable the more overt acts of censorship perpetrated by privileged mobs of the richest kids on Planet Earth.

Not for long, though. Kreider ends his column with a throaty, self-loathing battle cry that confirms the suspicion of every conservative American—and every American who feels that the Left fully intends to eradicate their way of life and fundamentally transform the United States of America:

My message, as an aging Gen X-er to millennials and those coming after them, is: Go get us. Take us down — all those cringing provincials who still think climate change is a hoax, that being transgender is a fad or that “socialism” means purges and re-education camps. Rid the world of all our outmoded opinions, vestigial prejudices and rotten institutions. Gender roles as disfiguring as foot-binding, the moribund and vampiric two-party system, the savage theology of capitalism — rip it all to the ground. I for one can’t wait till we’re gone. I just wish I could live to see the world without us.

Feel the sheer hatred Kreider feels for those who still believe in values and traditions thousands of years older than the American Republic. Feel the bitterness he has towards those who just won’t die fast enough and leave the world to the enlightened kids who have spasmodic temper tantrums when someone dares to suggest that men can’t get pregnant. The sheer loathing Kreider levels at all of those he disagrees with confirms what millions of Americans believe about the Left: That they see ordinary Americans as the enemy, and that they would love to wrest their country and their freedoms from them.

Kreider can’t wait for everyone who disagrees with him to die off, but he may have forgotten a few things. The millions of pro-life young people, for example. The young people who think that his generation screwed things up not because they didn’t accept each new manifestation of gender ideology fast enough, or flirted with murderous socialist dictators too coyly. There is a generation that has grown up in broken homes populated with adults who chose their own happiness over sacrificing for their own children, their own love lives over stability for their children, and their own desires over the needs of others. That generation is not required to be kind in their analysis of the world the Boomers and Generation X bequeathed us, either.


For anyone interested, my book on The Culture War, which analyzes the journey our culture has taken from the way it was to the way it is and examines the Sexual Revolution, hook-up culture, the rise of the porn plague, abortion, commodity culture, euthanasia, and the gay rights movement, is available for sale here.

2 thoughts on “New York Times columnists says he can’t wait for his entire generation to die

  1. Adina Hoshour says:

    I left a response on Mr. Kreider’s Facebook page:

    ” we don’t really give a damn about our children — by which I mean, about one another’s. When a race stops caring for its young, its extinction is not only imminent but well deserved. But maybe my bitter complacence about our civilization’s irreversible decline is just a projection of my feelings about my own.”

    I agree. We have become a culture of death. We have embraced abortion and euthanasia, killing both our future (our children) and our past (our aged parents) in the process.

    I, for one, am not persuaded by those who cry for the children murdered on school grounds while marching for the right to murder their own children in the womb. Weep for them both.

    Of course, this author also chooses death as his solution for the problems around him, encouraging others to ‘take us down’ and to rid the world of those whose opinions differ from his own.

    It is because of this nihilistic tendency of others to want me dead that I shall cling to my guns and fight for the right to bear arms so that I might defend myself against you.

    Here is what we have done to cause a plethora of school shootings:

    1)Remove God and moral values from the upbringing of children in school (check/done).
    2)Teach them relativism so that they have no standard outside of themselves to determine what is right or wrong (check/done).
    3)Teach them life is meaningless via Darwinism. That they came from some primordial soup preceded only by apes. Teach them that there is no heaven or hell, so that they should live for the moment and deny themselves nothing. (check/done)
    4) Teach them biology is meaningless and only feelings matter in graphic sex ed classes beginning in grade school so they are confused and alienated even from themselves (check/done).
    5) Tell them that inanimate objects such as guns kill people instead of people who are actually evil, but only after teaching them that we cannot judge anyone for anything because truth is whatever we believe it is (check/done).
    6) Teach them that their genes make them do bad things so that they are never responsible for their actions (check/done).
    7)Teach them democracy is evil and socialism/communism is good so that their freedoms are further eroded and power is more centralized in the hands of the elites who know better than we do.(check/working on it)
    8) Teach them that death is the answer for their every problem, be it an inconvenient pregnancy, an aging inconvenient parent, or even an inconvenient opinion embodied in another person who dares to think ‘other’ than we do. (check/done)

  2. C.Q. says:

    Kreider subscribes to the following lies: “That’s not a baby, just a blob of tissue. The climate change data has not been manipulated. We don’t have a soul and spirit; we evolved from apes. Socialism isn’t stealing. Truth and morality are not absolute. Nothing happens after we die.”

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