Irish pro-life leader explains why the abortion campaigners are so angry in victory

By Jonathon Van Maren

Of all the advocates for the “No” side of Ireland’s abortion referendum, John McGuirk has consistently been among the most eloquent. At press conferences, in media interviews, and on TV panels he beautifully defended the pre-born child and laid out the heartless ugliness that abortion culture brings to every nation that invites in in. Predictably, since the triumph of the abortion activists over the weekend, he has been swarmed with bitterly jubilant “Yes” campaigners on social media, who have secured the demise of pre-born children and now wish to see his. He released a series of tweets in response, and his observations are characteristically brilliant:

Rarely in my life have I seen people angrier about winning than the repealers. Cheer up folks, it’s not that bad. There’ll be something along shortly for you all to focus your never-ending anger on, I’m sure.

Today I went to Stonehall Wildlife Park in Limerick (which is brilliant – take your kids) and petted a parrot, and several rabbits and goats. I come home to another 2,000 tweets from the angriest, craziest people in Ireland. Your unhappiness will never be fixed by a vote, folks.

The problem is the 8th amendment was never what was making you angry in the first place. It’s not the schools or the hospitals, or the ban on euthanasia either. No social reform is going to make you people happy. You’re all looking in the wrong place.

The deep injustice many people feel, and the power to change the country that they now wield, is missing something – there’s no vision in it for how to make people feel happy. Once all the “oppression” is gone, they’ll have to confront the fact that their misery is their own.

It was never the journey that was lonely. It was never the country that was cruel. It was never the church that was oppressing you. The movement you are in won’t leave you fulfilled and happy. It will just leave you all angry in company.

In terms of the calls to silence me, or others – hah. You guys own the country now. You own the media, the political class, the culture. You can keep pretending that a minority voice is holding you back, or you can realise that it’s actually an oppression of your own making.

One thing I kept hearing yesterday was that this was a “symbolic” victory. There are many more symbolic victories to be had – blasphemy, the role of women, the pre-amble. Lots more totems of the past to tear down. None of them will fix the problem.

The problem is that all of those victories are empty of meaning. Even this one. Having an abortion in Louth will not be more fun than having one in London. It remains an abortion. You’re not “free”. You’re just miserable, probably in greater numbers, closer to home.

The Irish liberal left has nothing to offer you whatsoever, beyond days like yesterday. A momentary feeling of togetherness. It can’t provide you with a good job, or a loving partner, or security. All it does is provide you with an enemy to hate.

McGuirk’s observations apply to abortion activists and their supporters not just in Ireland, but in many other countries, as well. My colleagues and I have often noted the difference between the joy of pro-life activists—those we had the privilege of working with on the Vote No Road Show being no exception—and the anger and hatred of so many of those campaigning for abortion, so ready to spill over that even the sight of a pro-life campaigner can trigger an ugly tantrum. For those in position of cultural strength, their willingness to explode into anger and even violence at the mere presence of someone opposing their point of view is hugely indicative. As for the preamble McGuirk was referring to, it is the opening statement of the Irish Constitution, which reads as follows:

In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred,

We, the people of Éire,

Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, Who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial,

Gratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting struggle to regain the rightful independence of our Nation,

And seeking to promote the common good, with due observance of Prudence, Justice and Charity, so that the dignity and freedom of the individual may be assured, true social order attained, the unity of our country restored, and concord established with other nations,

Do hereby adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this Constitution.

No wonder McGuirk (as well as several other commentators, including Michael Dougherty) have already noted that a  referendum to remove these words may well be forthcoming. As the opening lines to a constitution that will soon be purged of the right to life for the smallest and most vulnerable members of Irish society, they are now only a cruel reminder of a different time when, for all the hardships, inequalities, and injustices that existed, the children were at least protected.

18 thoughts on “Irish pro-life leader explains why the abortion campaigners are so angry in victory

  1. Diane says:

    I am so dissapointed in Ireland, the place from where my ancestors came to Canada. It is true that nothing is sacred anymore. The barre continues to lower and lower and lower. Humanity is going further and further down the toilet, literally. Imagine people cheering because babies can now be killed in the womb. Shameful. Shame on you Ireland. I never ever thought I would say this but I will not visit your country again.

    • Leon Jansz says:

      I’m from Irish stock and proud of it, but this degeneration in morals by liberal coocks is just a sign of what will happen in future to our civilization- Godlessness lies at the root of liberal evil- but don’t despair when bad times fall upon us as will surely happen in future then all these evil libs will have to turn to decency again Leon Jansz

    • Ronan says:

      Diane, please do visit us…one third of the people of Ireland voted No…so please do not tarnish ALL the people of Ireland. I would still one day love to visit beautiful Canada even if they have abortion available on demand for ALL stages of abortion. The problem is not within the country, the problem is within the person. A darkness that has overwhelmed them to the point of moral blindness. Why does one person see abortion for what it is and another person see it as ‘healthcare’??….it’s a spirit kingdom issue. One stumbles around dominated by a kingdom of darkness, the other is led by the kingdom of light. The question for people now is: what kingdom do you want to be a part of as you see the world growing darker year after year?

    • irishfancy says:

      Diane, please don’t punish the whole country by refusing to come here again. Yes, abortion will now be legal here, but it is still a beautiful country with much to see and do. Many of us voted No, and we lost. But we don’t give up the war just because we lost this battle. Come back and enjoy this wonderful country. BTW, I’m an American who immigrated here 12 years ago and became a citizen. I voted No.

    • Eden says:

      I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do I voted against abortion so I won’t feel guilty. It was very demonic the way they were celebrating when they got the news that this Country will know stop the hearts of these babies

    • Líam Lóman says:

      I understand your sentiments. Personally I am very disgusted at this country and the repealers who apparently make up almost 7 in every 10 people. I was never much one for national pride but now what ever pride I did have has shattered, and I am not sure that it will ever recover. At least in Canada ye have the excuse that abortion was pushed through by higher-class judges and other elite. But Ireland is now in a unique position wherein we are among the first countries post-WWII to consciously deprive some of our people of their rights via a popular vote. Future historians will not look kindly upon Ireland for this. Frankly I am going to leave as soon as I can, a nation that votes away by will of the people the rights of its most vulnerable is not a country that I want to live in. Ireland was not always like this, how it got here I do not know

      • Goretti McMahon says:

        It got here through sex, sex and more sex. Sex without responsibility. I canvassed for the NO VOTE and had elderly grandmothers tell me they were voting yes for their grandchildren because they were not responsible when it comes to sex. A 62 year old woman told me she was not voting because she did not feel she had the right to choose for another woman. Community spirit is dead in Ireland because they have banished God. The Pro-Life side had no government represent action at all about 4 politicians in all.

    • Barry says:

      Diane – Please don’t blame Ireland, blame the terrible selfish times we live in. Canada has the most liberal abortion laws in the world, equivalent to the Chinese. Yet there are still multitudes of faithful people in Canada, speaking up for the unborn. Not to worry – we’ll still visit 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Many of us here in Ireland know we have been shamed by this vote but the pro-life people have been energised by it to begin the important work of changing the culture. The simplest way is to multiply and win by force of numbers in the maternity wards!

      • Anne says:

        Our hearts are broken but we are focusing on keeping the north free of abortion. There is a pro-life rally on in Belfast this Saturday at 2 in front of the Stormont Parliament buildings. Yes, we are now depending on the DUP and the Orange Order to keep more “Paddies” alive. To quote a friend: and some say God has no sense of humour! I am shocked that so many, such as mothers and teachers, people who have experienced the gift of life and people who have had the benefit of a reasonable religious education, can rest easy with their conscience in their support for abortion. I put it down to bad parenting in that too many parents give their children no moral guidance so abortion is the fall-back option to seemingly erase any youthful mistakes. People have lowered their expectations and just shake their heads and let the young ones get on with it as they think all the youth are behaving badly, anyway. However, we have to stay positive, circle the wagons for now and make sure we don’t just crawl away, silence ourselves and disappear as that is what they hope we will do.

  2. Liz says:

    True happiness is in self-giving.

    Money, power, fans, and fame are nice trinkets but they aren’t love.

    Having children, and especially children with Down Syndrome, allow for us to experience the best form of love because in them we are able to see true innocence and joy unspoiled. Love is a beautiful gift that lasts forever.

    The majority of the people in Ireland voted for “freedom” to abort, but real freedom is in doing the right thing. Abortion is a sad offering by a evil culture to those who are trapped.

    The pro-life movement has always offered help to anyone who wants it–in other words, they love them both.

  3. Kathleen O Sullivan says:

    The next general election should be very interesting,I would never again vote for any pro abortion candidates so bring it on.

  4. Tess O'Toole says:

    Seeing the photographs of the masses of cheering pro-aborts (how about the one in purple!), reminded me of the crowds, in response to Pontius Pilate, screaming to crucify Jesus and release Barabbas. Same screams for blood and against God. As John McGuirk said the aborts will never be happy. Abortion does not solve their selfish problems. It just gives them another dead human being and even more unhappiness and anger. A darkness has come down on Ireland – my home country. I had that foreboding almost three years ago. I am not so sure I want to go back again. I cannot speak freely with my own siblings. Churches half empty. Much disrespect…. I sold my holiday house. When saying goodbye to my parish priest I asked him what he thought was going to happen to Ireland. His reply? “It will become totally secular”.

  5. doreen gaughan says:

    so sad that this happened in Ireland . Ireland leaders have blood on their hands just remember that little life sucked out of it mothers womb. MOM what did I do that you killed me .I did not ask to be here you listen to Man for your own pleasure. I love u Mom now I am a little rose in heaven. Boy or girl you will never know Until we meet again one day.

  6. John O'Callaghan says:

    I’m a 45 year old Irish voter, old enough to remember the old Ireland of the 1970’s but young enough to have been considered young at the start of this century. I cannot describe the sense of disorientation and alienation that I have been feeling over this past week. Like many of my generation, I drifted away from the church, but had kept my pro life beliefs as a sort of surrogate which in time intertwined with my sense of Irishness. To witness this result and the wild scenes of triumphalist jubilation in Dublin Castle, killed all sense Irishness for me.

  7. Norah Hanley says:

    People of Ireland do not despair! You tried, did your best! It is not finished until the Lord declares – so dry your tears instead pray constantly for the tragedy of life visited on you. The people rejoicing in results of the
    vote will need your help and prayers. No matter what era Jesus is still pleading for His children as He asks – “Father forgive them, they know not what they do”!!! Faith, Hope and Charity are still our goal!!! God bless Ireland!!

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