WATCH: Justin Trudeau says that diversity leads to “entropy”

…….which I assume is a Freudian slip, since “entropy” means “a gradual decline into disorder.” Honestly, watching this man is a truly cringe-worthy experience. This is banality disguised at an extraordinarily weak attempt to imitate eloquence.

One thought on “WATCH: Justin Trudeau says that diversity leads to “entropy”

  1. Andy Doerksen says:

    Well, this is the height of irony: even when he utters one of the stupidest things a Canadian politician has said in a long time – and that’s even with Trudeau’s own track record – he ends up being accidentally correct! ARTIFICIALLY ENGINEERED, STATE-COERCED “diversity” DOES lead to “entropy” – the Balkanization of the culture owing to the manufacturing of resentment.

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