Britain may have the first baby without a legal mother

By Jonathon Van Maren

In all the madness surrounding the implementation of transgender ideology throughout our culture, sometimes I forget how profoundly sad this Brave New World is—and how awful it will be for children when the activists have finished dismantling the family. Consider this recent story, from The Star:

The most senior Family Court judge in England and Wales is set to rule on a case involving a baby who could become the first in the country not to legally have a mum. The tot is the child of a single parent who was born a woman but who now lives as a man after undergoing surgery.

He wants to be identified as the child’s “father” or “parent” on the birth certificate but a registrar has told him that the law requires people who give birth to be registered as mothers.

Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division of the High Court, is due to decide whether only either “father” or “parent” can be listed on the child’s birth certificate following a trial scheduled to take place at the High Court in London in February.

The man has taken legal action after complaining of discrimination. He says forcing him to register as the child’s “mother” breaches his human right to respect for privacy and family life…

Lawyers say other transgender men have given birth but have been registered on birth certificates as mothers. They say if the man wins his fight the child will be the first person born in England or Wales not to legally have a mother.

There have always been children forced to grow up without a mother, but it has nearly always been a matter of tragic circumstance. Now, growing up motherless is presented as a viable, healthy option for children—to even suggest that a child raised by two men is missing someone fundamental is to trigger immediate and vociferous condemnation. Mothers aren’t necessary, we are told. Not anymore. Any old person will do.

This child, of course, does have a mother—but a mother who insists that she is a man, despite the fact that she has given birth to a baby. And so she is pushing for the right to declare, legally, that her child is motherless, and must grow up being told and believing that her father gave birth to her.

What a messed-up society we live in.


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2 thoughts on “Britain may have the first baby without a legal mother

  1. Robbi says:

    so he wants to be regarded as a man… human males do not naturally conceive or birth young. He cannot have his cake and eat it too!! Choose to live as a man, do not still operate his natural woman bits. Why didnt he have a hystetectomy?? Its a messed up world and truly sad.

    • Cornie Banman says:

      Surely so it is. The wicked one will never run out of evil tricks. If this hinges on human rights, then the messed up man/mother should leave that decision up to the child to make after it has matured – that’s also called ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’, in this case for the child which truly did come forth from a mother’s womb.

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