Conservative leader Andrew Scheer condemns violence against pro-lifers: Sign MP Garnett Genuis’ petition

By Jonathon Van Maren

Since a video of a man, now identified as hair stylist Jordan Hunt, roundhouse kicking a female pro-life activist went viral earlier this week, the ongoing issue of violence by abortion supporters against peaceful pro-life activists has finally captured the attention of Canadians. (Hunt has since been charged by police with nine counts of assault.)

A second video released by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform showed a previous assault by Jordan Hunt on a young woman at a pro-life street outreach, followed by another video showing abortion supporters punching pro-lifers and threatening them with a baseball bat, among other things. Another group, Toronto Against Abortion, released a video of a pro-choice activist attacking a pro-life woman at Ryerson University earlier this week.

In response, Member of Parliament Garnett Genuis published a letter calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has frequently accused pro-lifers of being unCanadian, to condemn “politically motivated violence” specifically directed against pro-lifers. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer followed up by positing Genuis’ statement, writing on Facebook that, “no woman should ever fear for her safety on Canadian streets simply because of her personal convictions. I condemn this outrageous and unprovoked attack in the strongest terms.” Genuis also put out a petition calling on Trudeau to condemn the events, noting that “Canadians need to know that the prime minister will oppose any violence against anyone, including those with whom he disagrees.” It has already accrued nearly 5,000 signatures in a short amount of time.

So far, Justin Trudeau has not responded.


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