Male pedophile identifies as trans woman and victimizes children

By Jonathon VanMaren

One of the transgender movement’s greatest coups has been to bully the media into accepting the premises of their argument, and to dutifully agree to refer to men as women and women as men, if trans activists insisted upon it. That is why you have stories about male sexual predators, who are presented in the media as female pedophiles or female rapists—when in reality, a brief glance at the predator’s mugshot instantly tells any viewer that to call these criminals women is insane. “Jacinta Brooks,” a swarthy, hardened sexual predator, is one example of this. From the Daily Star:

Jacinta Brooks, who identifies as a woman, bombarded the victim with sexually explicit messages and pestered the youngster for naked photos. A court heard this is the third time the 41-year-old, who was previously known Duncan Smart, has been convicted of sexual offences.

Brooks previously served almost 13 years for having sex with a child under the age of 16 and was only released from jail two years ago. She also abused another child.

A victim’s impact statement from the mum of the latest victim described Brooks as a “pathetic excuse of a person”, adding the family had been forced to move out of the area because of the trauma. She said: “The fact I cannot protect my daughter from this pathetic excuse of a person will haunt me forever.”

Jailing Brooks for 11 years at Southampton Crown Court, Judge Nicholas Rowland described her as a “danger to children”. Prosecutor Berenice Mulvanny told the court that Brooks’ latest offending only came to light when police were investigating another sexual assault allegation.

They then uncovered messages Brooks had sent to the young victim, as well as hundreds of indecent images of children. The offences took place between January 1 and January 31 this year. The court heard Brooks repeatedly gave “no comment” answers in her police interview but admitted she “couldn’t argue” that she is attracted to children.

Defending Brooks, lawyer Robert Harding claimed his client had struggled adapting to changes in social media after her initial stint behind bars. Miss Mulvanny said: “Brooks knew the girl was underage but sent her sexual messages. The defendant originally pretended to be a 14-year-old boy but soon admitted her real age.” Brooks, of Winchester, in Hampshire, admitted three counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and three of possessing indecent images of children.

Of course, the Daily Star—and every other newspaper covering this awful story—still dutifully referred to this male pedophile as a woman, even though “Jacinta” is very clearly not a woman. But it is not only female rapists and pedophiles that are suddenly cropping up in the UK justice system—male prisoners are also taking advantage of the fact that they can now get transferred to female prisons to serve their sentences, now that people are legally obliged to believe them when they decide they’d like to live as the opposite gender for a bit. From the UK Metro:

A violent inmate who was put into a women’s jail after having gender reassignment surgery was later returned to an all-male prison after having a second sex change. Describing him as the UK’s happiest prisoner, one of his fellow jailbirds revealed that he got married while in the female facility. Both sex changes took place on the NHS at a cost of around £30,000, however he has been left with a micro-penis.

Speaking exclusively to two fellow inmates at Foston Hall – an all female facility – said the situation was an open secret that had angered other jailbirds. One of them said: ‘He had been in jail for so long everyone knew him and he was part of the furniture. We treated him like a woman, but you would not mess with him. In prison you learn fast not to get involved in other people’s business, but used to joke he must have been the happiest prisoner in England being surrounded with women every day instead of being in a horrible man’s jail. He had years to get a woman. He found a Mrs, they worked together and got married inside. He spent nearly 10 years in the female jail before starting the transition back to being a man.

He was given hormone treatments and reintroduced to the male population in spring this year. Another former Foston Hall inmate said: ‘Women’s jails should be for be just for women. It just did not seem right but there was nothing any of us could do to change the situation. Family of dad crushed to death in refuse truck tells binmen ‘we don’t blame you’ ‘Now knowing he is a geezer again makes me wonder if it was a long term plan. I could not get a mole removed when I was inside so how he convinced them to give him two sex changes God only knows.’

That’s how ridiculous this has gotten—not only can a male prisoner get transferred to a female prison, where he promptly manages to find love—he can also get the British taxpayer to fork up thirty thousand pounds to give him the sex change surgery and the sex change reversal that he needed to continue to play this charade. These were the sorts of scenarios presented by the critics of transgender ideology that were laughed off by LGBT activists, and now are of course taken extremely seriously. Violent rapists and pedophiles may have given up many of their rights in the process of committing their crimes, but they have still maintained the right to identify as women if they so choose—the LGBT movement has made sure of that.

Sometimes I think our civilization doesn’t deserve to survive.


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