Hillary Clinton stumps for Roe v. Wade in New York

By Jonathon Van maren

Those of you who read my columns regularly know that I am not a big fan of Donald Trump’s political modus operandi. Many of you have attempted to explain to me why I am wrong in the comment sections, but despite my delight at the Trump Administration’s consistent action on behalf of the pro-life cause and the conveyer belt of constitutionalist judges being appointed to the courts, the chaos and the name-calling and the dysfunction—which are undeniable—are just too prevalent.

That said, nearly every week I find myself relieved that Trump was elected president rather than Hillary Clinton. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, for example, has been trumpeting his support for abortion (right into the later stages of pregnancy) as a way of drawing a distinction between himself and the Trump Administration. Cuomo, apparently, does not think that New York’s staggering abortion rate is high enough, and has even launched a petition to allow his constituents to express their support for his extremism:

The Trump administration is waging a war on women and eroding the ability to make reproductive health decisions.

There is NO TIME TO WAIT. We must pass the Reproductive Health Act within the first 30 days of the 2019 Legislative Session and codify Roe v. Wade into State law.

Together we can ensure that New Yorkers can make personal healthcare decisions, that crucial services can be provided without fear of criminal penalty, and that assess to contraception, including emergency contraception, cannot be denied.

I presume that by “assess to contraception” Cuomo means access to contraception, and it is frankly a bit of a joke for a politician to suggest that there are Americans who don’t have access to one of the condom machines that infest filthy public bathrooms everywhere. And although I’d like to believe that Cuomo’s panic is warranted, legal abortion isn’t going to vanish in the next month. In New York, abortion will still be legal even if Roe v. Wade does go down. But Cuomo needs to whip up his abortion-having voters into a panic, and this is generally the way to do it.

Hillary Clinton, who visited New York in order to run for a senate seat there, chimed in immediately. “I’ll be joining @NYGovCuomo as he lays out his plan to codify Roe v. Wade and pass the Reproductive Health Act,” she tweeted. “There’s not time to wait.”

And for the thousandth time, I’m glad that this stone-cold abortion enthusiast isn’t in the White House.


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