Man who launched court case clarifying abortion is not a charter right enters race for PC PEI Party

By Jonathon Van Maren

The pro-life political organization Right Now is urging residents of Prince Edward Island to get involved in the leadership race for the Progressive Conservative Party of PEI, and is highlighting that fact that there are a number of excellent candidates in the running.

Kevin Arsenault, Right Now’s top pick for the PC leadership, actually went to court in an attempt to stop the provincial government from funding out-of-province abortions, and actually argued in his application for judicial review—accurately—that abortion is not necessary to save lives. The PEI Supreme Court eventually decided that Arsenault could not challenge the government, and Arsenault, who has a PhD in ethics from McGill University, penned an editorial explaining why he believes we have “a legal duty to protect unborn children.”

Arsenault is one of those rare politicians who refuses to back down when presented with his pro-life opinions by the media. Late last year, he noted in The Guardian that, “Women don’t have abortions because it’s something they’ve always wanted to experience; difficult circumstances convince them they have no other ‘choice.’ I want to provide them with a real choice.” He also wrote that governments should be providing women the assistance necessary to disincentivize abortion, which is something many pro-lifers have been waiting for a politician to tackle.

Right Now is also ranking Shawn Driscoll as a good second choice, specifically highlighting his support of conscience rights for physicians. Sarah Stewart-Clark, who was ranked at third place, co-founded a great organization called “Mothers Helping Mothers.” Pro-life political watchers are extremely enthusiastic about the options in this leadership race, and the deadline for Islanders to buy your membership and vote is January 18.

Please share this with any friends or family on PEI, and be sure to take a look at Right Now’s rankings!

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