Trans activist celebrity claims that there is such a thing as a “biologically female penis”

By Jonathon Van Maren

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You quite literally could not make this stuff up if you tried to. Consider the latest developments coming out of the transgender movement—such as an apparently famous actress stating, absurdly, that if a biological man who says he is a woman

has a penis, it is a female penis. Let that phrase sink in for a moment. A high-profile actress is saying that there is such a thing as a “biologically female penis,” and LGBT publications such as Pink News actually stated that science backs her up:

Pose actress Indya Moore has gone viral after tweeting that transgender women’s penises are “biologically female.” The trans star wrote on February 17 that “if a woman has a penis, her penis is a biologically female penis.” She added: “A biologically female penis is a non-artificial penis (eg: dildo, vibrator,) that is part of a biological (human) woman’s body,” before explaining the difference between genitalia and gender identity.”

“Reproductive parts and chromosomes define the biology of your gender, not your gender,” she said. “Regardless [of] the biological makeup of the trans woman—she remains a woman with her biology, therefore defining her as a biological woman.”

Moore, who came out as poly last year…the trans actress, who plays Angel Evangelista on Pose, used Pokela’s message to tell her followers: “The definition of biological literally has nothing to do with gender. It just defines who we’re related to.”

Moore added that “gender/sex cannot be biologically defined in absolutes because gender is biologically spectral.”…Moore also said that cisgender people “stole and appropriated the word biological.”

I’ve been asked a lot recently why it is important for us ordinary people to keep up with these developments. There is an understandable tendency to simply write off these stories as a carnival sideshow camped out on the fringe of LGBT activism, something that will never actually impact our lives in any tangible way. I wish that were the case. Unfortunately, law is downstream from culture, and the transgender movement has already successfully colonized the entertainment industry, the media, and much of progressive politics.

On a fundamental level, society is accepting the premises of the transgender movement as literally true. That’s why media outlets obediently refer to biological males as “women” and vice versa, that’s why politicians obediently call those who don’t buy that garbage “bigots,” and that’s why the entertainment industry has developed a sudden fascination for stories featuring transgender characters. The transgender movement has not yet managed to persuade the public that there is such a thing as biologically female penises (although the utter contempt they express towards normal people could confuse you into thinking they had), but they have utterly conquered the elites in an incredibly short amount of time.

As I wrote earlier this month, the complete victory of the transgender movement is by no means a sure thing. They have the elites, but they do not have the people. They will only win if people decide to quietly submit as their children are taught that gender is fluid, and as their children decide they want to change gender and permanently mutilate themselves, and as people are arrested for tweets critical of transgenderism, and as politicians accuse those who still believe what they learned in high school biology of fundamental bigotry.

If the public is as cowardly and pathetic as their leaders, the transgender activists will win. We’ll find out if that is the case together.


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