Trans activists are enabling predators: A man in a wig and women’s clothing caught taking photos in girls’ bathroom

By Jonathon Van Maren

Since I wrote about the horrifying instance of a biological man claiming to be a woman sexually assaulting a ten-year-old girl in a women’s bathroom in the UK on February 13, I have received many angry responses from people who want to know how I dare to insinuate that transgender people are predators. I haven’t said that, of course. I have simply pointed out that when you take spaces set aside for women and girls, but then say that any biological male can enter that space simply by declaring that he is female (that sort of declaration, according to radical trans activists, is all that is necessary to transform your sex these days), you are giving predators a nearly perfect opportunity. That, and the fact that it is a disgusting and immoral invasion of privacy to allow biological males with fully functioning male private parts to enter private female spaces like locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms.

It is a fact that girls and women are being victimized because our cultural elites have either willfully abandoned common sense or are simply too stupid to grasp the very obvious fact that predatory people will take advantage of these ideologically-motivated assaults on female-only spaces. Consider this example, from last summer:

Authorities say a man wearing a wig, makeup, and women’s clothing tried to take a picture of a woman from under the stall divider of a South Carolina convenience store bathroom.

Greenville Police said a woman told investigators she knocked on a stall door Sunday and heard a male voice, but wasn’t initially bothered after peeking under the door and seeing women’s shoes.

But police say the woman then saw a cellphone appear under the divider from the next stall and called 911.

Police told media outlets they arrested 38-year-old Shawn Thomas Hallett of Levelland, Texas, after finding a video of the woman on his phone. He was charged with voyeurism.

Now, who could have predicted that this sort of thing would happen? The answer is anyone who is thinking clearly and does not have a mind mired in an ideology that is barely a half-decade old. Of course predatory people are going to take this opportunity to prey on women and girls. Many of them (like the male rapists being sent to female prisons) probably can’t believe their luck—they don’t even have to look particularly feminine, they just have to make a half-hearted attempt to “present” as female and then accuse anyone who looks at them suspiciously of transphobia.

Once upon a time, a dude with a beard in a cocktail dress heading into the ladies’ room would have been evicted post-haste. These days, telling him to leave would constitute a hate crime.


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