Irish maternity hospital advertises for medical positions–but says no pro-lifers are eligible

By Jonathon Van Maren

If pro-lifers had claimed during the leadup to Ireland’s May 25 abortion referendum that abortion activists would ask for pro-life physicians to be kept out of maternity care, they would have been called liars and the abortion activists would have screamed bloody murder. But bloody murder, incidentally, is what you have to be willing to commit if you want to work in certain sectors of maternity care in Ireland now—because abortion is in, and ethics are out. From the Irish Times:

The National Maternity Hospital (NMH) in Holles Street has confirmed that two recently advertised consultant posts will be available only to doctors willing to carry out abortions. The NMH has advertised the posts for a consultant anaesthetist and a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology.

It states that candidates for the positions must be able to carry out patient duties along with teaching, administration and management duties “which as of 2019 includes elective terminations of pregnancy services and the post-holders will be expected to contribute to this new service as part of their practice plan”.

A statement from the NMH said the posts were being funded specifically from a financial allocation to the hospital from the Health Service Executive for the “provision of termination-of-pregnancy services, and are for individuals willing to contribute to the provision of these services”.

A hospital source said the posts could not therefore be open to doctors who are unwilling to carry out abortions. He added that the doctors involved would be expected to carry out only a small number of surgical abortions and that their duties would be mostly the ones normally expected in a maternity hospital of an anaesthetist or an obstetrician.

The anaesthesist post will involve 27 hours’ work weekly in the NMH and 12 hours in the St Vincent’s Healthcare Group where the new maternity hospital will be situated when it is built.

In other words, if you joined the medical field to help pregnant women rather than end women’s pregnancies, there is now a growing number of jobs that you do not qualify for. In every jurisdiction where abortion becomes legal, this scenario unfolds. Once the right to life is removed and the right to kill is enshrined as ironically inviolable, those who refuse to join the bloodbath are suddenly accused of being sub-par healthcare providers due to their irritating insistence on only providing actual healthcare.

Fortunately, the majority of Irish medical practitioners are still refusing to be involved with abortion for the moment. Hopefully, that trend will continue.


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