Four more UK schools shut down LGBT programming after parental protests

By Jonathon Van Maren

Earlier this month, I wrote a column detailing how Muslim parents had forced a school in the United Kingdom to cancel a LGBT program for children by pulling their children from the school. As it turns out, other parents noticed this success and have decided to follow suit. From the BBC:

Four more schools in Birmingham have stopped teaching about LGBT rights following complaints by parents. Leigh Trust said it was suspending the No Outsiders programme until an agreement with parents was reached. Earlier this month the city’s Parkfield Community School suspended the lessons after protests were held.

Campaigner Amir Ahmed said some Muslims felt “victimised” but an LGBT group leader said No Outsiders helped pupils understand it is OK to be different. In a letter seen by the BBC, Leigh Trust said it was halting the lessons until after Ramadan, which finishes in June.

The schools involved are Leigh Primary School, Alston Primary School, Marlborough Junior and Infants School and Wyndcliff Primary School. Leigh Trust – which is yet to comment publicly – said it wanted to discuss the programme with parents to find “a positive way” of teaching about the Equalities Act.

Some parents at Parkfield, and the other four schools, claim the classes are inappropriate for young children and the schools’ LGBT message contradicts Islam. The No Outsiders project was created and piloted at Parkfield in 2014 by assistant head teacher Andrew Moffat, who was made an MBE for services to equality and diversity in education in 2017…Mr Ahmed said his community was “respectful and tolerant” of British values but now felt victimised.

He claimed parents who had protested were “effectively seen as homophobes in the wider community”.

“Fundamentally the issue we have with No Outsiders is that it is changing our children’s moral position on family values on sexuality and we are a traditional community. Morally we do not accept homosexuality as a valid sexual relationship to have. It’s not about being homophobic… that’s like saying, if you don’t believe in Islam, you’re Islamophobic.”

As I noted previously, there is a very important lesson here: When parents decide push back against the indoctrination of their children—especially in large numbers—they can achieve results. Ironically, Muslim immigrants in the UK are showcasing how to push back against the elimination of values that were once shared by the vast majority of those in the West.


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2 thoughts on “Four more UK schools shut down LGBT programming after parental protests

  1. Sindy Jeffrey says:

    Amazing when Christians complain about the exact same thing they are made to feel guilty about their faith!!
    Unfortunate is took a group of Muslim parents to finally have parental and religious rights recognized. Guess I have to say thanks!

    Thank you

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