A female African American Democrat put forward Louisiana’s heartbeat bill (and other stories)

By Jonathon Van Maren

A roundup of recent news stories to be aware of:


Louisiana has passed a heartbeat bill, and the media is working hard to ensure that you don’t hear most of the details. For example, Bill HB425 is actually called the “Love Life Amendment,” and was not sponsored by a Republic—it was put forward by a pro-life African American woman, Representative Katrina Jackson. The truly wild part of it all? Jackson is a Democrat, and Governor John Bel Edwards, also a Democrat, has promised to sign it. This story has blown up all of the preferred progressive narratives, so there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t have heard the details.


Abortion activists are so desperate to dehumanize the pre-born child in the womb and staunch the bleed in public opinion that one particularly vitriolic feticide enthusiast, Dr. Jennifer Gunter, is demanding that laws that ban abortion after the baby’s heartbeat can be detected no longer be referred to as heartbeat bills. From the Huffington Post:

It’s bad enough that these bills exist, but the press needs to do a better job of calling them what they are. If politicians want to play doctor they should be using medical terms. If they refuse to use the correct terminology the press should correct them. People who vote for the assholes who write these sh*t shows know them as “heartbeat bills” not because they follow them as they groan through committee, but because that is how they read or hear about them in the news. The politicians know exactly what they are doing as a “heartbeat” bills is a way of making a 4 mm thickening next to a yolk sac seem like it is almost ready to walk.

The rest of her column is written in a similar vein. She seems nice.


The Trump Administration continues to enact a fundamentally pro-life foreign policy, much to the dismay o f the global abortion pushers and other international bodies. From The Guardian:

The Trump administration has taken its war on abortion worldwide, cutting off all funding to any overseas organisation or clinic that will not agree to a complete ban on even discussing it.

The Mexico City policy, dubbed the “global gag” by its critics, denies US federal funds to any organisation involved in providing abortion services overseas or counselling women about them. It was instituted by the then US president Ronald Reagan and has been revoked by every Democrat and reinstated by every Republican president since.

But, under Trump, the net has been thrown wider and pulled tighter than ever…In March, the US extended the gag, stating that any organisation counselling women on abortion and using funds from elsewhere – even from its own government or a donor in another country – will no longer be eligible for any US funding. The diktat applies to all global health organisations. HIV and children’s charities must sign up to the pledge, alongside those running sexual and reproductive health clinics.

What that means for organisations such as Marie Stopes International and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is a blight on sexual and reproductive health services even in countries where abortion is never offered because it is illegal.

As C-FAM’s Austin Ruse told me on my podcast last week, the Trump Administration is packed with pro-life officials, and they are genuinely trying to get things done.


Over at The Stream, Robert Lopez gives a devastating analysis of where America stands in a piece titled “The LGBT Juggernaut: Time for Christians to Face Our Failure.” His outlook is pretty grim:

The dreaded moment is upon us. The Equality Act has passed out of committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. It will pass the House and move to the Senate. The White House (a house divided) has criticized the bill, but has not threatened to veto it. Christians who backed this president must contact him and demand that. Call your congressmen and your senators. If we stay silent, this may become law. And that would be the end of freedom for Christians in America. 

Read the bill for yourself here

“Public accommodation,” “federal funding,” “education,” and “anti-discrimination protection” … all nebulous words that regulators can expand to mean anything.

LGBT activists will demand access to children through school curricula. They will insist upon the right to groom them and coax them into identifying as gay or trans. In essence they lay claim to the right to prepare them to be their future sex partners. They will force people who experiment with gay sex to remain in the gay sex pool, via laws that ban any counseling to help them leave.

The Equality Act will force everyone to lie. We will have to tell innocent children that they have two daddies, when they do not. Then we will have to tell confused teenagers that they are girls when they are boys. We will have to tell miserable and suicidal homosexuals that their unhappiness derives from external homophobia. The solution to their unhappiness would actually be to stop engaging in homosexuality and pursue a normal heterosexual life.

People should oppose this act with all their energy because it will affect everyone in America. So speak up and oppose it. Call your congressional representatives. Be vocal.

Take some time to read the whole thing. The Equality Act is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation we’ve seen in a generation, and it must be fought tooth and nail.


After years of lobbying, transgender activists have finally managed to achieve the victory they have been working towards at the World Health Organization. From the BBC:

Transgender health issues will no longer be classified as mental and behavioural disorders under big changes to the World Health Organization’s global manual of diagnoses.

The newly-approved version instead places issues of gender incongruence under a chapter on sexual health. A World Health Organization expert said it now understands transgender is “not actually a mental health condition”. Human Rights Watch says the change will have a “liberating effect worldwide”.

Trans activists managed to conquer the media and the politicians without this ruling, so it will make little practical difference. In regard to their argumentation, however, they will now claim that science is on their side—and that even the WHO has realized that.


For anyone interested, my book on The Culture War, which analyzes the journey our culture has taken from the way it was to the way it is and examines the Sexual Revolution, hook-up culture, the rise of the porn plague, abortion, commodity culture, euthanasia, and the gay rights movement, is available for sale here.

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  1. RonH says:

    Abortion isn’t a political battle, it is the battle of civilzed human beings vs barbarians, a battle between good and evil. There are still a few good Democrats, not many, but a few.

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