Justin Trudeau embarrassed himself in front of Mike Pence over abortion

By Jonathon Van Maren

Among all of the leaders on the world stage, Justin Trudeau primarily stands out for a single reason: His abortion extremism. As I’ve noted before, he misses no opportunity to push and promote abortion, and it is one of the few subjects aside from his own perceived virtue that he seems genuinely passionate about. Unfortunately for Canadians, that passion is coupled with a profound ignorance on the subject—Trudeau seems genuinely unaware that Canada is the only democracy without any abortion laws whatsoever, and that the status quo he is defending is grotesquely unique.

His arrogance was on full display this week when he attempted to shoehorn a discussion on abortion into a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence on NAFTA and issues related to China. Trudeau was concerned about American “backsliding” on the issue and claimed that “Canadians” are also very concerned about it, even though this projection is primarily a figment of his imagination, where everyone constantly agrees with him.


2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau embarrassed himself in front of Mike Pence over abortion

  1. Elisabeth Snyder says:

    Letter sent to trudeau, on abortion, yesterday

    Mr. Trudeau,

    You must stop using the language “Canadians want” or “Canadians are concerned”. If there is concern, it would be over your performance as a PM. Many of us do not support your opinions, or the liberal party stand on MANY issues.

    Your choice of words when speaking with Vice President Pence, regarding his pro life stand was “that there was a significant amount of concern amongst Canadians on the new anti choice laws being passed”… please note that there is NO significant concern for many of us. If there be concern it would be amongst liberals who share your ideology, and NOT the general population. Stop including me in your retoric. I am Canadian, was born here, and your opinions do not represent my view or my belief, on this issue of abortion ( to name just one).

    Have you ever seen an aborted baby? Well I have. Many years ago, while I was in nursing school, a very brave Jewish teacher, who has had and will forever have my utmost respect and admiration, chose to show us all just what an aborted 24 week old “fetus” looked like. The hospital based nursing school I attended was one of the only institutions which carried out “legal abortions” at that time.

    The teacher’s hands shook as she took the little infant from the bin, full of many more such aborted babies. As she opened the black garbage bag, she gently took out a perfectly formed child, with 10 fingers and 10 toes. An amazing wonder, tiny but ever so perfect, with translucent skin.

    We as young nurses would be forever changed, and as we talked after, with many tears, left with the conviction that there must be no legal time frame for this kind of murder of children. And that this was indeed a baby, and not just a clump of cells, as the abortionists would have the masses believe.

    Even though this took place many years ago, the image of this precious baby will stay etched in my mind forever.

    You have 3 children… can you even think of one of them “aborted”? Women do have the choice of whether to become pregnant, or not. And just in case you are unaware, abortion should never be a method of birth control. The infant also deserves to have ‘rights’.

    I suggest you actually look at such an aborted infant, then think about your children.

    I am completely in support of Vice President Mike Pences’ stand on abortion and I ( and suspect many more) applaud him.

    Elisabeth Snyder

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