Douglas Murray explains the degrading totalitarianism of the transgender phenomenon

By Jonathon Van Maren

British journalist and author Douglas Murray is easily one of the most insightful, incisive, and intelligent commentators on culture today. His last bookThe Strange Death of Europe, is a fascinating analysis of the migrant crisis of 2015, the vanishing European identity, and the spiritual vacuum that Islam is now increasingly occupying. Despite the fact that he is an atheist of sorts, he is genuinely grappling with the reality that without God, our human rights—and indeed all of our rights—are suddenly rooted in nothing at all, and has bluntly stated that a return to Christianity might well be necessary if atheists continue to fail at providing a solid framework for reality.

Murray has a way of encapsulating issues both uniquely and succinctly, and in a recent conversation he had with the two hosts of the podcast Triggernometry, the chat wandered over to the subject of today’s dogmas and taboos. It’s funny, Murray observed with a wry grin, that the progressives don’t seem to realize that they are now the dogmatists. And then one of the hosts posed him a what is a rather dangerous question in today’s media climate: “What do you think is one of the great lies of our age that we haven’t addressed yet?”


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