LGBT pride parade advocates say children like to see ‘nakedness’ and ‘kink’

By Jonathon Van Maren

It is Pride Month again in North America, and this means many of our mainstream publications turn into relentless promoters of public nudity and sanctimonious bigots nursing a grudge against previous generations. These individuals head onto TV to demand that our political leaders show the appropriate amount of support for the festivals of twerking that encompass large swathes of our biggest cities. Along with the rainbow partying and the fawning media coverage, of course, come some of the stupidest debates that you can imagine. One recurrent argument – and yes, this is now an argument – is whether children should be exposed to the lewd proceedings.

It would seem fairly obvious that events featuring sexually-charged displays would be inappropriate for children. It would also seem obvious, to any fair-minded observer, that the public displays of scantily-clad men in leather bondage gear, floats featuring revellers engaging in simulated sex acts, nude men displaying their genitals, and a wide array of other obviously explicit behaviors should be classified as “sexually-charged.” But in today’s upside-down world where the only blasphemy left is expressing doubts about some jot or tittle of the LGBTQ2S agenda, even pointing out the obvious is considered to be offensive.


2 thoughts on “LGBT pride parade advocates say children like to see ‘nakedness’ and ‘kink’

  1. Krishna Santhakumar says:

    It would be interesting to see where they draw the line. I would imagine that there are some extreme sex acts (mainstream pornography) that everyone would agree ought not be showed and publicized to children. The argument they champion is that events such as the Pride march enable children to explore sexuality in a healthy environment. My crucial counter would simply be that children of that age have no business “exploring sexuality”, they are simply too young. But it would be interesting to see if there would be common ground on the types of obscenity that should be exposed to children and why. Please share thoughts!

  2. Jack Zufelt says:

    When you study the Bible and the story of Noah and his ark and why God drowned the whole world except for a very select few, you will learn that it was because the people had become so wicked that the little children were only being taught wrong and evil way therefore, they had no chance to learn anything but those evil ways. So God said enough and started over. And now, sadly, we see that happening again.

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