Canada’s state broadcaster is pushing “drag kids”–and it is creepy and wrong

By Jonathon Van Maren

In today’s world of failing media operations, Canada’s state broadcaster the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation only survives for one reason: It is funded by the taxpayers, who have their wages garnished to pay for a largely left-wing network that champions every progressive cause and has been promoting the Sexual Revolution with great gusto for years. I had not realized until this week, however, that the CBC also runs a platform called CBC Kids News, in order to cater directly to children. And as it turns out, one of the things they want to promote to children is the idea that little kids can become drag queens.

In a promo video posted to their Twitter account, the CBC attempts to make drag shows sound as if they are precisely like children playing make-believe, and then shows children gyrating, throwing their heads back and giving the camera what are supposed to be seductive looks, and dancing in a way that provocative adults might. These little children, who have perfected the model dead-eyed-with-mouth-slightly-open look, are presented as the stars of a new (again, taxpayer-funded) CBC documentary, Drag Kids.


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