The Jessica Yaniv case is proving that the Canadian media is in the tank for the trans movement

By Jonathon Van Maren

As I noted in my column earlier this week, the case of Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv — the creepy transgender activist suing a number of female beauty technicians for refusing to wax his genitals on the premise that as a “woman,” he is entitled to be serviced by them — has gone truly viral. Since then, the Post Millenial released several repulsive new details in the sordid saga, as a teen girl has come forward to accuse Yaniv of the serial sexual harassment of underage girls. The details are truly disturbing.

The bizarre story has attracted international attention. As I mentioned in my previous column, British comedian Ricky Gervais has been highlighting the story to his millions of followers. In the United Kingdom, the Spectator is covering the story at length. Yaniv hung up on a popular atheist radio host in Ireland, who couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing. The National Review has covered the story, as has The Australian, Yahoo News, and the Washington Examiner.


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