Justin Trudeau’s transgender policies have resulted in women and children locked in prison with male sex predators and killers

One of the trends I’ve written on several times over the last couple of years is that of violent male prisoners identifying as women and being locked up with female prisoners as a result—often with horrifying consequences. In the United Kingdom, this has unsurprisingly resulted in male rapists identifying as female sexually assaulted the unfortunate women who find themselves locked in with sex predators, and more examples continue to crop up. It is an unfortunate but inevitable consequence of society accepting the idea that men can become women simply by saying so—an idea that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has embraced with vigor.

Trudeau’s transgender policies have also put women in danger. According to the Toronto Sun:

There are 200 women behind the 2.4-metre-high barbed-wire fences at the Grand Valley Institute. Most are the products of shattered and abusive homes, violent relationships, drugs and bad choices. Unloved and looking for redemption.

Heather Mason was one of them. She knows the fear curdling inside the Kitchener-area jail and others sprinkled across the country. Stoking that fear has been the arrival of transgender cons with appalling histories of violent sex assaults — and murder. A dozen more are allegedly slated to arrive at Grand Valley.

“It’s bizarre, among their conditions are to not be around women and children. Where are they? Around women and children,” Mason told the Toronto Sun. She outlines the all-stars of the social change movement at the Correctional Service of Canada. Matthew Harks. Tara Pearsall. Fallon Aubee. Tara Desousa. John Boulachanis.

A serial pedophile. A serial sex offender. A contract killer. A child killer. A murderer. These self-identifying transgender jailbirds are dangerous. And the female cons know it. The CSC’s list of requirements to switch from a male prison to a female one are laughable. If these cons hit the jackpot and do end up in a women’s prison, automatically they go to a medium-security jail even though they may have committed heinous crimes.

Tara Desousa was just 17 when she was known as Adam Laboucan and declared Canada’s youngest dangerous offender. They raped and murdered a baby. Mason said that when the notorious P4W closed down in Kingston, CSC realized that women prisoners were (duh) different. Their requirements, the reasons they were behind bars, and the programs to put them back together were specifically designed for women.

All that changed on June 17, 2017, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — overcome with righteous virtue signalling — amended Bill C-16, adding “gender expression and identity” to the roster of the Canadian Human Rights Act. “If you speak up or say anything, you’re called ‘transphobic’ or a ‘Terf’ or what you say is ‘hate speech’,” Mason said. “Women are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. We are being erased … everything we fought for is being taken away.”

One of the changes that came about in the early 1990s was the recognition that most incarcerated women were there for non-violent drug crimes. Mostly, they were addicts themselves. CSC also recognized that women’s children should play a role in their rehabilitation. Now, Mason said the caged women are terrified to have their children around because of the newly arrived child sex predators.

“It’s sickening that they can get away with putting pedophiles in minimum security units [not at Grand Valley] where the mother-child program are,” she said. The kinder gentler environment does not seem to have tempered the debauchery of a number of violent trans inmates. Baby rapist and killer Tara Desousa — caged at the Fraser Valley Institute in B.C. — reportedly hovers around the mother-child program, according to one inmate. She is violent and very sexually aggressive, Mason said.

“And all of the sex offender programs are not tailored to people who were biologically men,” Mason said. The courts, shelters and jails are filled with broken women, often the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of men who were supposed to protect and nurture them. Now, they have to deal with interlopers who are like-minded with the men who shattered their trust at the beginning of their lives.

Virtue signalling from the PM and the bureaucracy may be fine for Twitter.

In the real world with real victims, not so much.

Of course, Justin Trudeau and his fellow LGBT activists will never both to even address the plight of these women—or deign to mention it. You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet, and the safety of women and children are simply the price of progress.

One thought on “Justin Trudeau’s transgender policies have resulted in women and children locked in prison with male sex predators and killers

  1. Joe le says:

    This is an abomation , perversion of Gods laws and a death bell for moms and kids who will have to live through this living hell of a nightmare while Peabrain laughter it up and dances in the streets waving his gay flag while his actions and inactions cause suffering to those unlucky enough to live in his country under his leadership.. “ALeadership Of Fools And Idiots”

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