12-year-old boy goes on hormone blockers, says he wants a “womb transplant” when he’s older

By Jonathon Van Maren

The transgender train is screaming down the tracks, and today’s Jerry Springer headlines are likely to be tomorrow’s dystopian reality. The Telegraph, for example, is reporting that a 12-year-old boy in the U.K. has begun taking puberty blockers because his mother claims that the child knew from the age of three that he wanted to be a girl rather than a boy. Ash Lammin is embarking on this journey of gender transition with the support of his mom and a clinic run by the National Health Service, which is now also in the business of poisoning and amputating healthy body parts.

According to Terri Lammin, her son had insisted he was a girl from “the moment she could speak” at three-years-old, and Ash’s mum obediently changed her child’s name from “Ashley” to “Ashton” by deed poll at the age of eight. Ash will now embark on at least six years of puberty blockers, which will permanently change his body, before deciding whether to get “bottom surgery,” which includes the surgical removal of his male genitals and the creation of a facsimile vagina. Ash is one of over a thousand children in the UK getting “treated” with puberty blockers, and one of about 230 so far under the age of 14.


One thought on “12-year-old boy goes on hormone blockers, says he wants a “womb transplant” when he’s older

  1. Maree Snowden says:

    If he is has XY cromozones then he is male. If he has XX he is female.
    Do they test the cromozones first, I think not.
    This is one of the greatest medical scandals ever.
    They are experimenting on children.

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