Pro-abortion feminists torch journalist’s car for promoting German March for Life

By Jonathon Van Maren

Some of you may remember that back in 2015, the renowned German playwright Falk Richter premiered a play titled FEAR in Berlin. The play featured five pro-family women, including my friend Gabriele Kuby, who reject gender ideology, portraying them as Nazi zombies. During the course of the play, the zombies were attacked by actors who poked out their eyes, with one suggesting that they get “shot in the brain, as only then will they be really dead.”

Richter’s play turned out, one hopes unintentionally, to be prophetic: Two of the women were later targeted by arson attacks and one of them, Hedwig von Beverfoerde, had her van firebombed. The flames spread from the burning van to her family business, leveling it. In Germany, the attitude towards pro-life and pro-family figures in the public square has become overtly hostile over the past few years. Most choose to keep their addresses secret as a result.


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