Infamous trans activist suing women who refuse to wax his genitals wants to stop Ricky Gervais from coming to Vancouver

By Jonathon Van Maren

Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv, Canada’s infamous and delusional transgender activist, is up to his old tricks—namely, suing women for refusing to wax his genitals. Yaniv, who lost his previous case at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, apparently figured that he’d give the court a second chance to decide that he’d been horribly wronged by the largely-immigrant women who did not want to handle male genitals. Transphobia is transphobia, Yaniv has been telling anyone who will listen, and justice must be done.

You’d think that Yaniv would have been duly chastised by the first ruling, which didn’t note his creepiness. The ruling did, however, highlight his “animus towards certain, non-white, immigrants to Canada and, in particular, members of South Asian and Asian communities.” It also highlighted his strategy of targeting “small businesses” where he “manufactured the conditions for a human rights complaint, and then leveraged that complaint to pursue a financial settlement from parties who were unsophisticated and unlikely to mount a proper defence.”


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