An abortionist displays his work–holding the head of a 20-week victim

This clip is taken from the jarring documentary Lake of Fire, a look inside the American abortion wars (directed by Tony Kaye.) To Kaye’s credit, he actually includes footage of the aftermath of an abortion. This is the reality of what abortion does to pre-born children.


10 thoughts on “An abortionist displays his work–holding the head of a 20-week victim

  1. Doleman says:

    In response to the 20 week old aborted baby , the doctor , the nurses, the mother and father God , forgive us Future generations, that will live to know of our misguided destructions of life , including human , forgive us

    • Diana Watkins says:

      I agree with you , there are so many birth control ways / aids out there . There is no reason for abortion . America will throw a person in prison for distroying a bald eagle egg , a sea turtle egg , or an owls egg , but they don’t have a problem with killing a human baby . It’s out right murder in my eyes .

  2. Tammy says:

    This looks fake, acted out. I would like to see the fight against abortion be one of fighting for mommas rights, access to affordable childcare, Longer maternity leave, and helping mommas choose adoption and proper sex Ed and prevention.

  3. Dorothy says:

    Unless she got raped…. She should not have had unprotected sex. That baby did not deserve that. There are people that would’ve been more than happy to adopt the baby. USE CONTRACEPTION OR DO NOT HAVE SEX PERIOD.

  4. Kelly says:

    Seeing that poor baby just shocked me, never seen the aftermath. I am just so heartbroken! How selfish. I wasn’t ready to be a mother the first time bad place in my life but I got my life together and I am so thankful to have him.

  5. Charlene Davis says:

    That is pure evil!! I am all for your body, your choice, but give the child up for adoption. So many deserving people who can’t have children would love to adopt and care for them. Horrible to see that poor, innocent baby torn apart and in pieces. why not use protection if not ready to have a child?? Outright murder in my eyes.

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