An abortionist displays his work–holding the head of a 20-week victim

This clip is taken from the jarring documentary Lake of Fire, a look inside the American abortion wars (directed by Tony Kaye.) To Kaye’s credit, he actually includes footage of the aftermath of an abortion. This is the reality of what abortion does to pre-born children.

11 thoughts on “An abortionist displays his work–holding the head of a 20-week victim

  1. Doleman says:

    In response to the 20 week old aborted baby , the doctor , the nurses, the mother and father God , forgive us Future generations, that will live to know of our misguided destructions of life , including human , forgive us

    • Diana Watkins says:

      I agree with you , there are so many birth control ways / aids out there . There is no reason for abortion . America will throw a person in prison for distroying a bald eagle egg , a sea turtle egg , or an owls egg , but they don’t have a problem with killing a human baby . It’s out right murder in my eyes .

  2. Tammy says:

    This looks fake, acted out. I would like to see the fight against abortion be one of fighting for mommas rights, access to affordable childcare, Longer maternity leave, and helping mommas choose adoption and proper sex Ed and prevention.

  3. Dorothy says:

    Unless she got raped…. She should not have had unprotected sex. That baby did not deserve that. There are people that would’ve been more than happy to adopt the baby. USE CONTRACEPTION OR DO NOT HAVE SEX PERIOD.

  4. Kelly says:

    Seeing that poor baby just shocked me, never seen the aftermath. I am just so heartbroken! How selfish. I wasn’t ready to be a mother the first time bad place in my life but I got my life together and I am so thankful to have him.

  5. Charlene Davis says:

    That is pure evil!! I am all for your body, your choice, but give the child up for adoption. So many deserving people who can’t have children would love to adopt and care for them. Horrible to see that poor, innocent baby torn apart and in pieces. why not use protection if not ready to have a child?? Outright murder in my eyes.

  6. S. Smith says:

    I will probably be vilified on this forum, but people do evil everyday. A man beats his wife. A woman abuses her children. People cheat on each other left and right. Hollywood puts out movies showing extramarital affairs as something that is romantic. People sit in churches and say nothing when they see a congregant who is doing something wrong because they fear being judgmental, but they point fingers at women who get abortions or homosexuals. It’s easy to pick on those who are so obvious about sin, but let it not be me speaking out when it’s a family member who is an alcoholic.

    What I am trying to say is this…the Church has tickled ears for my entire lifespan and probably to a great extent long before. If a congregant was a big giver, they looked the other way when he was a cheater etc.. What is happening now in our society is directly proportional to a dead Church or at the least a worldly defiled Church.

    How does anyone propose that we remove a woman’s so-called rights from her now? The law will not be overturned, sin wants what sin wants, but the Church can still do something.

    First, propose legislation that for anyone who wants an abortion, they need to see the video or videos like this because they are the graphic truth and reality of this procedure. If they can still have an abortion, then that is really between them and God. In order to overturn preexisting legislation, abortion would have to be labeled as murder. That is not going to happen.

    Next, propose legislation that abortions are not federally funded except in the case of a mother’s life and a rape or incest victim. Any woman who believes she is old enough to have sex for the fun of it, needs to be able to pay for an abortion also. Don’t act like you are a victim because you didn’t take care of business.

    Additionally, open alternative clinics right next door if possible for each and every abortion clinic that is out there.

    Finally, if you believe in God then pray. Find out what you can do to help stop abortions. Volunteer your time etc…

    If you are an atheist, you probably think of a baby as nothing but a blob of tissue. You probably believe in survival of the fittest. Obviously, a child isn’t fit to survive. Maybe you believe in the theory of culling the herd. Afterall, I guess that is what Covid is doing.

    Prolife groups need to spend their funding for things that will make a positive long term change rather than fighting with every democrat, liberal, or abortionist whenever a democrat becomes president. That president spends his first four years tightening up his base for the next election. He will loosen restrictions, he will make sure women get free public abortions. He will say whatever it takes to get elected four years later. In other words, all the life changing positive changes get overturned when they are made in response to that party rather than looking at long-term goals.

    Mostly, we need to get the word out about what an abortion really is especially in the second trimester. How these abortions are disgustingly performed. I changed the mind of a friend when I provided her with the grizzly details of a partial birth abortion. She couldn’t look at it the same way because she knew if it was performed on a baby who accidently slipped all the way out of the womb, it was murder.

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