New study sheds light on the horrible pain babies experience during an abortion

Every day across North America, thousands of babies are aborted in the womb. And every day, as we go about our work, children in the womb die horribly painful deaths, their last moments filled with unspeakable agony. And yet, the fact that babies are “tortured to death in the womb,” as one pro-life activist put it, scarcely makes a ripple in the daily news cycle—even when a stunning new study reveals that many of the assumptions regularly parroted in the media are wrong. From The Blaze:

Medical consensus has believed that unborn babies do not feel pain until the middle or end of the second trimester, 20 to 24 weeks. But newly published medical research indicates that unborn babies can feel pain much sooner.

The new research indicates that unborn babies can feel “something like pain” as early as 13 weeks, pro-choice British pain expert Stuart Derbyshire — who has previously consulted Planned Parenthood — and American Dr. John Bockmann told the Daily Mail. The new evidence is so telling, in fact, that Derbyshire and Bockmann say ignoring the evidence “flirts with a moral recklessness that we are motivated to avoid.”

The strong statement comes despite a 2006 declaration by Derbyshire in the British Medical Journal that not informing women seeking abortions about the potential pain their unborn child will experience is “sound policy based on good evidence that fetuses cannot experience pain.”

Previously, medical experts thought younger unborn babies could not feel pain because the cerebral cortex, which controls sensory information and the nervous system, is not sufficiently developed until about 24 weeks. However, one recently medical study discovered that an adult with an “extensively damaged” cerebral cortex could still feel pain, according to the Daily Mail.

“Given the evidence that the fetus might be able to experience something like pain during later abortions, it seems reasonable that the clinical team and the pregnant woman are encouraged to consider fetal analgesia [pain relief],” the doctors said.

The implications of the new research are significant because abortion limits are often built on the belief that unborn babies do not feel pain until 24 weeks. If the findings are confirmed — that unborn babies feel pain as early as the beginning of the second trimester — new abortion regulations to protect unborn life could be implemented around the world.

That conclusion is probably too optimistic—I think that most abortion activists simply do not care. Considering the horror stories that have been leaking out of the abortion industry with little fanfare for decades, the media doesn’t, either. They have sustained a coverup for too long (The Guardian ends all of its stories on abortion with a little postscript informing the reader that abortion is a human right), and that is precisely why so few news outlets bothered to cover this explosive story.

What an awful reflection on what we have become.

54 thoughts on “New study sheds light on the horrible pain babies experience during an abortion

  1. Mary says:

    I think you are correct when you say that some people simply do not care. This is absolute evil taking over people’s hearts. I will never give up on exposing this evil. My heart has been hurting for years over the cruelty in the hearts of humanity…..but I know that some of us will fight to the end. God forgive the human race!

    • David says:

      I agree, Mary. There are many pro-aborts who don’t give a damn.

      I knew abortion was evil back when they started to legalize it in the States. And I wasn’t yet 10 at the time! If all the horrible experience we’ve had with abortion within the last 5 decades hasn’t convinced people of the wickedness of the practice, then they either have hearts of stone or heads perpetually in the sand.

    • Randal S Brown says:

      Forgiveness only comes through repentance and accepting Christ as Savior on a personal level. Unfortunately we have it recorded in God’s Word that the vast majority will reject, so there is little hope for humankind as a whole. His response is not forgiveness but punishment. Abortion is nothing new. Its recorded that people in Biblical times would give their children to Molech. This was one of the things the Isrealites were condemned for the worst. Abortion and giving to Molech end in the same result. The judgment will be just. We need to reach those individuals we can and keep focused on Him above all else. No since unwashed by the blood will be forgotten or unpaid.

    • Susan Farmer says:

      I agree with you!! It breaks my heart knowing that our country is allowing the murdering of these babies. They are alive, you can see how the developing of these babies are every day!! If they don’t want the baby then put them up for adoption!! There are families that can’t have children and they do everything they can to have a baby , why murder their baby when they have the option to give it to a family that will love the baby.

    • Renata says:

      Believe it or not, I remembered a time when I was still in my mother’s womb. I told her how she was feeling and what she was eating and craving at those times. She didn’t tell me any of those at anytime and when I told her she was amazed. When I asked her what month she was craving, it was on the3rd month of her trimester.

  2. Kenneth Hutson says:

    Is the word “cannot” a typo?

    The strong statement comes despite a 2006 declaration by Derbyshire in the British Medical Journal that not informing women seeking abortions about the potential pain their unborn child will experience is “sound policy based on good evidence that fetuses cannot experience pain.”

    • Sadie says:

      Not a typo, they’re saying that the doctor is now claiming they can feel pain but he has previously been quoted as saying they cannot. It says “the strong statement comes despite” the statement he made previously in 2006.

    • jeannie myers says:

      you tell me a 9-month old baby, let alone a baby that has a heart cannot feel pain? There are people aborting babies up until 9 months old! I suppose your another one who hasn’t dusted off a Bible in years or even goes near one or you would be talking this evilness. My God, help us open the eyes that are shut, the hearts that are cold so they can feel, in Jesus name, Amen.

      • Courtney says:

        I go to church every week, and I’m pro-choice. That doesn’t mean that personally I would ever do it… but it’s not my place to JUDGE what someone else does. Thats for them to take up with the big guy when the time comes. Until then I’ll be there to support them, love them, and fix their crown just like God would want us to do.

        Love all your neighbors,
        •the gay ones
        •the black ones
        •the criminals
        •the ones who had an abortion

        • Jonathon Van Maren says:

          One addition to the neighbors we should love: Our pre-born neighbors. They are people, not choices. And I assume you would judge someone for suggesting that any of the other groups rightly included on your list could be killed.

      • Kailee says:

        You do understand that you can’t abort a baby in 3rd trimester unless it’s already dead or will kill the mother? I wish you pro lifers did some research before you speak.

        • Svitlana Kjellberg says:

          “Kailee says:
          You do understand that you can’t abort a baby in 3rd trimester unless it’s already dead or will kill the mother? I wish you pro lifers did some research before you speak.”

          How in the world a baby would kill it’s mother in 3rd trimester? Do you even know that 3rd trimester abortions includes delivery in same way as a normal birth does? The only difference that the “mother” is wanting the baby to be killed first instead of giving birth to alive baby. So now just think a little bit what is faster and safer for pregnant woman, deliver alive baby or first kill it (which can take up to few days, depend on the method) and then deliver it dead?
          Abortion after viability “to save life of the woman” if a made up bullshit, it is always safer to just induce labor (or CS) without killing the baby.

    • Connie says:

      It is not a typo. Derbyshire stated in 2006 (regarding the policy at that time) that abortionists should NOT be required to inform women about the potential pain the unborn child would experience was sound policy. He was advocating for abortionists to NOT have to tell women of the possible pain, because scientific evidence just 13 years ago indicated unborn babies did not feel pain until around the 24th week when the cerbral cortex was developed. That was his OLD stance on this. He changed his stand with this new evidence, and states their position should be reconsidered, knowing now that the baby can feel pain earlier in their development. The statement you’re referring to with the word ‘cannot’ is the old policy, which is why this article is significant. He knows better now.

  3. Juanita Coleman says:

    That’s the problem these abortion clinics do not educate the women and girls who come threw there doors. I think every client that wanted an Obortion had to set threw a vedio of a baby being oborted and see the aftermath there would a huge drop in them. I believe this should be a requirement in order to get one. These clinics are doing a huge injustice to all involved. These poor girls find out years later what they put their babies threw and have to live with that the rest of their lives. As long as these clinics get paid for the baby’s body parts and there is money to be maid they will consider what is best for their own pocket book. We need to put the word humane back in humanebing.

  4. Mediocrites says:

    You keep mentioning this “study.” So, uh, you couldn’t link to the journal that it appeared in? Maybe the word you wanted was “conjecture.”

      • Jenn says:

        I think she was asking for the actual scholarly article. It should include an abstract, methods, sample sizes, summary, etc. What you posted is a link to a summary of the study, written by another author. While it was a well written summary, it is not the actual study.

      • Tami says:

        I could never have children, so adopted 3 wonderful children. I have always thought it was the same as murder if a person chose abortion. I know 6 people who have had abortions. Two devoted Catholics, one Jehovah’s Witness, one Baptist, one devoted member of Church of God, and one person who says she doesn’t know if there is a God. This is not a scientific study, but in my life (62 years), it seems like even when people believe this practice is murder, they are so devastated with what is happening that they are willing to go against their own consciences to get an abortion. I think if we spend more time in our own circles offering education and understanding when people fall short of Christian expectations, we might reach more of our abortion choosing audience.

    • C says:

      I wish she had. I wish her and my father had thought long and hard about how they are as people and as a couple and discussed in depth, with a realistic mindset, about how they planned to parent before having children. I don’t believe life is a gift. That has not been my experience. Life is something that was chosen for me and I just have to try and make the best of everyday. If I had never been born, I wouldn’t know the pain of having a dysfunctional family, an emotionally and physically abusive father, mental health issues, and suicidal ideations since I was nine. I would take a little temporary pain at a time before I can even really consciously process it in exchange for not having known the pain that is life.

      • Jamie says:

        My adopted father who I grew up with from birth was physically, sexually, verbally, emotionally, racially, u name it abusive to me. I WAS suicidal, a drug addict and alcoholic. I was abused by other men as well in my adult years and am raising a beautiful daughter from one of my many rapes. My adopted mom didn’t see the abuse and how bad it was. Has life been easy? Hell no! In no way would I EVER wish I was aborted or would I abort an innocent child. Live life as a survivor remembering it’s not your fault you didn’t deserve it and the unborn doesn’t deserve a PAINFUL death sentence it’s still a life and that life is a blessing and who knows what that one life can do to change our world.

  5. Danny says:

    Let’s assume the premise of this article is true and that a fetus can experience pain beginning in the 13th week. And let’s also assume that some number of pregnancies occur thereafter could not (or will not) be performed prior.

    What is left to remedy here, while still being pro-choice, is to make the abortion as painless as possible – a reasonable and medically possible solution. If the fetus were anesthetized prior to the procedure, would this satisfy the concerns raised here?

    If the goal is to make abortion as painless as possible, irrespective of the outcome of the procedure, we can all agree. But I suspect the underlying motive here isn’t to improve the medical practice of terminating a pregnancy and instead to attempt to ban the procedure by implementing government force in banning reproductive healthcare decisions which are legal in most developed countries. That’s a deeply unethical and flatly ineffective proposition.

    • C says:

      I completely agree with your statement. As a pro-choicer, I am not without a heart or don’t care like some people have suggested. Of course I want to make the procedure as painless as possible for the embryo/fetus. But I agree that I don’t think that’s the purpose of this article but rather just to be used as fuel for those who want to ban the procedure entirely.

  6. rob says:

    Watch silent screens on you tube, It shows a baby being aborted in an ultrasound. This was done a long time ago. You can tell it feels pain, you can see the baby trying to get away from the tool that is going to tear it apart.

  7. VK says:

    SMH—No need for scholars and their studies, books, documentation, etc. Taking a life, any life at any stage is murder, not to mention they’re the fruit of the womb. Simple as that!

    Psalm 127:3-4
    Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth.

    Mathew 18:10 “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.

    Exodus 23:7 Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent and righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked.

  8. Charlie Thomas says:

    Strangely, no links to said study. Almost as if said study doesn’t exist, or if it does, is so full of holes that a truck could be driven through it.

  9. D says:

    You can’t feel pain if you don’t have a developed brain or central nervous system, which doesn’t happen until the late second/early 3rd trimester. :/

  10. Brenda says:

    I had two miscarriages. And these articles are so selfish and wrong .. how do you think someone feels when they lose a baby naturally. And you still tell me how the fetis is and how the feel ect ect .. do you even think how much this hurts women that had no control over losing their loved one .. so damn selfish and sick

    • Matt says:

      This has nothing to do with you then. We’re talking about brutal abortion where babies limbs are torn off. Not spontaneous abortions.

  11. Celia says:

    What about mothers who go into labor an deliver a precious baby at 20 wks an 4 days and is breathing at a “leading hospital “ an they Do Nothing to save it . Family is begging hospital to try something because that baby is loved and wanted so much and they say they will do nothing . She breathed for 45 min.
    Now all you intelligent people …. answer this . Why?


    I am sorry but as soon as you know you are pregnant that baby is a Human Being and deserves to live no matter what who gives you the right to kill an innocent child sadly the Government does and everyone of them that approves it is going straight to hell ! if you do not want to get pregnant them get your tubes tied or have a hystorectomy ! but please don’t kill that poor little child !


    Ya’ll are so worked up over a clump of cells potentially having a sensory reaction, but most of you contribute to the torture and murder of actual sentient beings everyday. Go vegan and maybe, just maybe you will have an argument with the life matters bs.

    • M says:

      Because human life holds more value than that of an animal’s, not to mention that we are evolved to consume meat. You can get up on your high horse and tell us to go vegan when the lions, wolves and all the rest of the predators stop eating other animals.

  14. Chelsea says:

    Well atleast the pain is short lived just like the baby. Not even sorry about that. I see a bunch of you pro life people but I don’t see any of you actually doing anything or making a difference to the children abused or murdered that weren’t aborted due to people like yourself making people think they’re horrible for doing what’s best for them and what could of been best for the child. A brief moment of pain (if any) is far better than a life full of pain and torture. There I said it y’all can be mad all you want I don’t care.

  15. Anne Marie says:

    It’s hard to choose a side when there’s a lot of gray area. Is it wrong to take the life of an unborn child when it feels pain, and there’s no medical justification? Yes. It’s also wrong to not take any measures when there’s an ectopic pregnancy, or the babies are otherwise not going to live and the mother’s life is at risk. I normally oppose the procedure, but not when it’s medically necessary to save the mother’s life when the child has 0 chance of survival, or has already died in the womb. Yet, some people will still fight it… as in the case of a young woman recently dying in Italy when they refused to take out her dying twins. It’s horrible either way you look at it. There are so many gray areas, and sometimes death is inevitable. You just have to decide who deserves to live, in that case.

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