Academic who believes “demon invocation” is an important part of queer theory advocates human extinction as solution to climate change

By Jonathon Van Maren

On January 23, 2020, Bloomsbury Academic published a call to action for all those who care about “climate change.” The Ahuman Manifesto: Activism for the End of the Anthropocene by Patricia MacCormack, a professor of continental philosophy at Angelia Ruskin University, cuts to the chase and advocates for the ultimate solution to global warming: The end of the human race. For MacCormack, “Extinction Rebellion” has a whole different meaning.

MacCormack, who admits to being an “occultist magician,” is not the sort of weak-kneed climate activist who believes that we should save the planet for our children.

In fact, she doesn’t think there should be any children.

A researcher who has “published in the areas of continental philosophy…feminism, queer theory, posthuman theory, horror film, body modification, animal rights/abolitionism, cinesexuality and ethics,” MacCormack once argued that animals are equal to human beings. Now, she’s arguing that humans should get out of the way entirely.


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