Female prisoner says transgender inmate raped her–and his lawyer accuses her of “transphobia”

By Jonathon Van Maren

I don’t know precisely how it is going to happen, but I am certain that there is going to be an ugly reckoning for those who decided it was a sane idea to send biological men identifying as women to women’s prisons, where vulnerable female populations find themselves locked in with violent rapists and criminals. Numerous assaults have already occurred, and now a female prisoner at the Logan Correctional Centre in Illinois is suing the prison, claiming that a “transgender inmate”—a biological male—raped her, and that the prison tried to cover it up.

The rape apparently happened last June, and the inmate claims that a correctional officer forced her to withdraw the claim. As a result, she was subsequently disciplined for filing a false claim under the Prison Rape Elimination Act. She alleges that she was raped by “Janiah Monroe,” a man named Andre Patterson who was sentenced to a dozen years behind bars for the attempted murder of a government employee and another 20 for murdering his cellmate. Patterson and another man claiming to be transgender had managed to get transferred to women’s prisons after suing the Illinois Department of Corrections. Patterson, it must be pointed out, is still in possession of a fully functioning penis.



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