The Canadian Psychiatric Association has switched from opposing euthanasia to supporting it

This news is tragic. You’ll notice that the activists for suicide, for the transgender cause, and for abortion are so relentless and so strategic that they hammer away at institutions until they finally crumble. They work to redefine things on their own terms, and once they succeed, they add the new weapon to their arsenal: See, such-and-such UN committee believes that abortion is a human right! or Gender dysphoria is not a mental disorder—that has been retracted by medical organizations! and so on.

And of course, the suicide activists continue to redefine what we know about suicide. From the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition:

The Canadian Psychiatric Association has moved from a position that was negative to euthanasia and assisted suicide to one that is supportive. This is the position of the American Psychiatric Association.

The new position of the the Canadian Psychiatric Association’s Professional Standards and Practice Committee, that was approved by the Board of Directors on February 10, 2020 states:

Canadian psychiatrists will ensure that: 

  1. They have a working knowledge of legislation that will potentially impact their patients with respect to MAiD, and shall take it into consideration during clinical encounters where this issue may arise. 
  2. Patients with a psychiatric illness should not be discriminated against solely on the basis of their disability, and should have available the same options regarding MAiD as available to all patients. 
  3. Psychiatrists will be mindful of the medical ethical principles as they relate to MAiD. They should not allow personal opinion or bias to sway patients who wish to consider MAiD as an option for addressing irremediable conditions. 
  4. While psychiatrists may choose not to be involved with the provision of MAiD, patients requesting MAiD must be provided with information regarding available MAiD resources and the referral process. 
  5. Psychiatrists who assess eligibility for MAiD are expected to be rigorous in conducting capacity assessments and identifying symptoms of mental disorder that are likely to affect decision-making. The CPA will continue to protect the rights and interests of patients with psychiatric conditions at all times, and with particular attention to the issues of decisional capacity, informed consent and irremediable conditions in the legislation and evolving landscape of MAiD. The CPA will advocate for the inclusion of appropriate safeguards in processes, protocols, procedures and legislation pertaining to provision of MAiD.

This will inevitably be abused. The suicide activists know it. We know it. But the fact is that they don’t care anymore. After winning the initial legalization of suicide, they will continue to push until suicide on demand is available—and the entire medical field is complicit.


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