NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on flattening the COVID-19 curve: “God did not do that.”

By Jonathon Van Maren

The scenes coming out of New York City over the past two weeks have been surreal: A field hospital in Central Park; one of the world’s largest financial centers on lockdown; Men and women wearing masks outdoors, in many cases for the first time since 9/11; yesterday, the death toll for the state surpassed 10,000, and aerial photographs of a deep trench with Bobcats stacking plain wooden coffins in rows blew up social media.

In fact, New York City has contracted laborers to bury unclaimed victims of the coronavirus pandemic on Hart Island, which has functioned as the city’s potter’s field since the 1800s for unidentified bodies or those too poor to arrange a formal funeral. According to Jason Kersten of the Department of Correction, which typically oversees inmates burying the coffins, about two dozen corpses per day are being buried on the island, five days a week. Previously, the number had been around 25 per week.


4 thoughts on “NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on flattening the COVID-19 curve: “God did not do that.”

  1. Kilauea says:

    This reminds me of a line from Jimmy Stewart in “Shenandoah” while saying grace over a meal – I should thank you for this food even though I planted it, I raised it, and I harvested it (paraphrased). Congratulations Governor! Who will you call on when your day of testing comes?

  2. Doug Spurling says:

    Governor, it’s interesting that on Thursday, April 9th (a day set aside to remember God; when Jesus said, “do this in remembrance; the Last Supper), Maundy Thursday, New York reports 777 deaths. You may call it superstitious non-sense coincidence, but that number 777 represents God, the perfect Trinity.

    Scoff it off…but I believe, one day we’ll all look back from eternity and see God was talking, knocking, making it all too clear the entire time…and if we didn’t hear it was because we refused to listen.

    It’s not HIS will that any perish, thus, He makes it real clear and simple…at least for guys like me.

  3. Kara says:

    I doubt he’s a practicing catholic. This is the same governor who lit up the Empire state building in pink after passing an expansive abortion law just last year. He’s got a lot to answer for when he meets God (that he may or may not believe exists).

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