J.K. Rowling gets rape threats for questioning trans ideology (and other stories)

Here’s a new culture war update for you from around the world


In an unsurprising referendum result, the Russian people voted overwhelmingly both for an extension of Vladimir Putin’s leadership as well as an explicit constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. As I’ve noted in the past, Putin is very intentionally utilizing the decadence of the West in order to draw a stark contrast between Russia’s heritage of Orthodoxy and the insanity of gender fluidity and other current Western obsessions. As always, Western moral decline is an enormous boon to those who seek to undermine Western influence.


Hungary’s Viktor Orban has also been highlighting the state of crisis in the West to draw a contrast with the East, noting that nations incapable of preventing citizens from smashing down statues and maintain order in the streets should perhaps refrain from lecturing Hungary on how to do business:

“I am going to use a strong expression: There is a liberal imperialism in Western Europe, with the participation of the American Democrats [and] the American left, which is attempting to force its world vision, choice of values and concepts — including its views on families, its views on migration, on work or more particularly its views on unemployment — on countries that have a different thinking about family, migration, order, and so on,” Orbán said, adding that the international courts are often part of this network…

“I also see that law enforcement and police are on the streets and yet there is a wave of violence. Statues are being toppled, the conditions are deplorable, and there are gang wars on the beautiful streets of small towns in civilized Western European countries,” Orbán said. “I look at the countries of those who are advising us how to conduct our lives properly and on good governance, proper operation of democracy, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

Neither do we.


Despite opposition from Christians in recent years, Montenegro is continuing its implementation of the LGBT agenda:

The tiny country of Montenegro has voted to legalize same-sex civil partnerships in a first for the Balkans region. The country, which has a population of just 622,000 is the first outside Western Europe and the European Union to provide legal recognition for same-sex couples. The vote in the one-chamber Parliament of Montenegro saw 42 votes out of 81 members voting in favor. Just five voted against with some opponents abstaining.

It comes as Montenegro is in advanced negotiations to join the European Union. Its leaders welcomed the decision.

The fact that they are seeking entry to join the EU probably has a lot to do with this move. In Serbia a few years back, one fellow I was talking to complained that ever since joining the EU, the LGBT agenda was being crammed down their throats despite the instinctual conservatism of much of the population. If you want to join the West, you have to abandon your principles.


UK pro-lifers scored a major victory after a concerted campaign over the past days. From UK Right to Life:

An attempt to hijack the UK Government’s flagship Domestic Abuse Bill with two extreme abortion proposals has failed, in a major pro-life victory.  The Speaker of the House, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, announced this afternoon that amendment New Clause 29, which would have introduced abortion for any reason up to 28 weeks, would not be selected for debate. Diana Johnson MP then, this evening, announced that she would be withdrawing amendment New Clause 28 which would have allowed both medical and surgical abortions to take place in any location if a woman is in an abusive relationship.

If Diana Johnson had pushed the amendment to a vote and lost, this would have been the first time that a pro-abortion amendment or Bill had been defeated in a vote in UK history. 

Politics can be exhausting, but it is an essential front in the war to protect pre-born lives.


J.K. Rowling has been getting rape threats and death threats since she came out in opposition to certain tenets of transgender ideology, but if you read the media reports, you’d think the entire story is “popular children’s author comes out as transphobe.” These are the new rules: If J.K. Rowling had been getting rape threats and death threats because she was supporting trans ideology, it would be frontpage news right around the world. But because she’s getting these threats to objecting to transgender ideology, nobody cares. It’s all part of a legitimate pushback to correct a heretic.

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