South American pro-lifers plan massive digital rally to stand against abortion

By Jonathon Van Maren

On August 8, 2018, the pro-life movement in Argentina won a monumental victory: by just a few votes, the Senate rejected the legalization of abortion. This victory, Jose Carmuega of the pro-life group Unidad Provida Argentina told me, was “not just for Argentinians, but for the entire world. It was a sign of hope that inspired our world-renowned ‘Save Both Lives’ slogan.”

The movement that rose up in response to the challenge of the abortion activists in Argentina, which became known as La Ola Celeste (The Light Blue Wave) spread across the continent that year, with pro-lifers from Chile to the Dominican Republic adopting symbolism and marching with blue handkerchiefs, shirts, hats, balloons, and flags. From the air, these marches look like an ocean of pro-lifers, flooding the streets and demanding the protection of pre-born children.


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