Pence at VP debate: “I’m pro-life. I don’t apologize for it.”

I didn’t watch the entire debate last night, but it appears Mike Pence did well. Hopefully his performance somewhat overshadows the chaos of the presidential debate. The Left, predictably, is attempting to insist that Pence’s willingness to debate a woman somehow makes him a mansplaining misogynist (a storyline almost certainly laid out prior to the debate.) As it turns out, actually debating includes interrupting occasionally, but as usual, progressives wanted this to be about race and gender rather than substance–especially because Kamala Harris is a very, very bad politician. She’s robotic, insincere, and utterly cynical, and despite the media’s attempts to claim that she is magnificent, she couldn’t even convince Democratic voters to give her a shot. The thing nobody will say is that Harris is only on the ticket because she checks a lot of boxes, not because she’s appealing to voters–which her own presidential campaign proved.

Anyhow, check out Mike Pence’s responses on the Supreme Court and abortion, which were excellent. Kamala Harris, on the other hand, all but confirmed that the Democrats will pack the Court if they take the presidency and the Senate in November, refusing to answer the question (which she had already answered in the affirmative when speaking to the New York Times.)

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